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Movies for an Unconventional Halloween Movie Night!

Hi there! Halloween sure is getting close!

I often like to watch movies with my sisters or my hubby around Halloween time, but sometimes it can be difficult to find a good "Halloween" movie that we can all enjoy... So this year I've come up with a list of very fun, very costume-y movies that will make your Halloween movie night unexpected, fun and scaredy cat friendly! I'm also throwing in three Halloween favorites, because I couldn't resist.

Movies for the Unconventional Halloween Movie Night!

Starting top left, left to right. 

1) Clue the Movie (1985, PG-13) - Based on the beloved board game (my favorite!) this funny and mysterious film will have you laughing and guessing who dunnit. There are alternate endings as well, so it could be different each time you watch it!

2) Edward Scissorhands (1990, PG-13) - A cult classic. I loved this movie in high school. Johnny Depp plays Edward, a boy with scissors for hands who is misunderstood when he begins life in suburbia. This movie is funny, sweet and a little sad. It's a fun unconventional choice for Halloween.

3) The Phantom of the Opera (2004, PG-13)- A musical and romantic favorite of many. This movie is a bit suspenseful and dark but not scary. It's worth watching if just for the costumes, sets and fantastic music!

4) Enchanted (2008, PG)- A Disney musical that is part cartoon, part live action. It's about a princess who falls through a magic well into the real world. She meets a man (Patrick Dempsey) and hilarity ensues as she tries to adjust to the human world. I thought this movie was pretty funny and creative. Definitely a favorite in our family of girls!

5) The Princess Bride (1987, PG)-The classic tale of lost love with many quirky characters and adventures along the way. This is a favorite even with my six-year-old sister. This one would be great for the whole family.

6) The Wizard of Oz (1939, PG) - Everyone knows the story, and no I'm not choosing this because I live in Kansas. To be honest, I don't have the attachment to this movie that so many do. But maybe it's just because every time we travel and mention we are from Kansas, people say "Oh! You're not in Kansas anymore!" It gets a little old. But all the same this movie is a classic and very costume-y. It's got fun, music, and just the right amount of fright.

7) Return to Oz (1985, PG)- A "Sequel" to the original in which Dorothy goes back to Oz. This movie is crazy. As a kid I LOVED it. It's got the craziest characters in it... which makes the adventure all the more fun. I think I am more attached to this movie from my childhood than the original!

8) Oz the Great and Powerful (2013, PG)- A prequel to the original movie. I had not seen this until just last week when we decided we might as well watch it eventually. I had a bad feeling that it was going to be a lot like the live action version of Alice in Wonderland (which I really didn't like) but it actually ended up being great! I LOVED the costumes and sets, and it was fun to get some "history" on the characters from the original. I really really want Evanora's outfits.. anyone else?? I even did a manicure inspired by her costume. Check it out! You just might like it.


3 Conventional Halloween Choices (because I can't help myself!)

1) Hocus Pocus (1993, PG) - DUH! If you haven't seen it you MUST!

2) Young Frankenstein (1974, PG)- A KC favorite. A comedic parody of the Classic Frankenstein story full of jokes and one-liners. 

3) Hotel Transylvania (2012, PG)- (I haven't seen this yet! But I can't wait!) About Dracula who runs a resort for monsters away from human land. When a human boy discovers the resort and falls for Dracula's daughter things get funny. (or so I'm told).

What are your favorite Unconventional and Conventional Halloween movie picks?

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