Wednesday, May 7, 2014

The Sunshine Award!

Several months ago sweet Liesl at Pretty.Random.Things nominated me for The Sunshine Award! :) Thanks Liesl! You are one of the most positive bloggers that I follow, so it's super awesome to be nominated by you! If you haven't read her blog go check it out! I love to read her Thankful Thursday posts, it keeps me feeling happy and focused on the good things going on in my week as well. Plus she lives in Taiwan and is from South Africa so I can always count on her to give me some travel inspiration! :)

Here's how it goes:

1. Display the award on your blog
2. Say "thank you" to the wonderful person that nominated you
3. Post 10 interesting things about yourself

4. Nominate some of your favorite blogs
5. Link to the nominated blogs and let them know you've nominated them.

10 Interesting things about myself:

1. I got so lucky and met the love of my life early on. We've been together for 7 years and married for 2! (I'm only 23!)
2. Whales are my favorite animal, ever. They are gentle and humongous and really amazing creatures. If I see a whale (picture, mural, etc.) anywhere, I take it as a good sign. Whale watching last summer in Boston, was a dream come true!
3. My youngest sister and I are 17 years apart. Everyone thinks she is my daughter when we go places. ;) 
4. I've been dog sledding! (terrifying and exciting... all at once) 
5. I have seen Celtic Woman live 5 times! The most recent time I saw them in my hometown with my mom and grandma (in addition to KC of course!), which was really special!
6. My itunes wishlist exceeds $1000 .... and it hasn't been updated in at least 4 months!
7. The only bone I've broken is an 'accessory bone' in my foot. Only 5% of the population has this bone. It still hurts from time to time.
8. I spent (most of) my college years living in a house with 49 other women. Some of my favorite memories (and dearest friends!) were made there!
9. I really enjoy reading folk tales, fairy tales, myths and legends. I've been known to check out about 20 children's books on these topics, and then at least 20 other items.
10. I love the idea of mermaids. I don't believe in them... but I find the idea fascinating.

There you have it! Not sure how interesting these things were... but now you know them!

Here are my deserving nominees for the Sunshine Award:

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2) Katherine at Katherine Nicole

3) Hilde At Flat 3/6
4) Natalie at Good Girl Style
5) Marlen at Messages on a Napkin
6) Fallon at Fal Finds Happiness
7) Sarah at Plucky in Love

Thank you again for the nomination Liesl and thank you for reading everyone! :) 



  1. Aww thank you so much for nominating me!! Dog sledding sounds so fun and it's nuts how far apart you and your sister are! It must be fun playing with such a little one though :) And aw, that's so lovely you and your hubs have known each other for so long. Sigh, young love :)

    xo marlen
    Messages on a Napkin

    1. No problem :) I love reading your inspiring posts. Always cheerful! :) Dogsledding was fun indeed! Hehe yes playing with her is a blast. She's getting so big! 7! KC and I definitely got lucky finding each other so early on. :) Thanks for reading! XO-Alexandra

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