Thursday, May 7, 2015

Vance Joy @ Afentra's Prom // May 2015

Well, with life slowing down on the career / crazy entrepreneur endeavors front... the first weekend off would be packed full of social plans. It was great, and a little tiring... but so worth it.

On Friday KC and I met a bunch of our friends in Kansas City for Afentra's Prom. 

Prom is a concert thrown by our alternative station every year, because one of the main DJs was not able to attend her high school prom. So every year, she throws her own prom. It's a free show, but you have to make it in the door before it's full, and you have to dress up.

This year Vance Joy was headlining.. and I have been swooning over his dreamy lyrics since July! (am I alone you guys?) And was a bit distressed after I found out he would be world touring with T-Swift for the rest of forever. I love T-Swift as much as the next person, but it will make his shows more difficult to see live for this album. Leave it to the Buzz, to book him right before he is unattainable for years! ;) As soon as it was announced, I knew we had to go!

Turns out several of our friends were also getting really into his music, and/or had recently bought great dresses ... and had no where to wear them.. :)

It was an extremely busy week still, so I grabbed my red dress I wore as Cruella DeVil (thrifted, $6) and my new Target necklace ($20) and dashed out of the house. We got dressed up, drove out to KC, managed to eat in line without spilling on ourselves, and made it inside despite the amazingly long line!

We found a decent spot in the middle and stood through the opening bands (Hembrey, Joywave, The Kooks). I don't have too much to say about them, other than they had good energy. I don't particularly like Joywave, I'm not familiar enough with Hembrey (but they did a great cover!), and The Kooks are a little hit or miss for me. They didn't earn points with me for going way past their time slot.... Then we had to sit. 5 hours of standing on concrete is rough on the feet! (no I didn't wear heels this time!)

We found some seats in the balcony, and waited for Vance Joy to go on. He was great. His songs sounded just the same as they do on the album, and he picked a few of them up in speed as well, which I think engaged the audience a little more, I wouldn't be surprised if many were unfamiliar with some of his album. He also played Emmylou, which is on his EP... which was just recently released on US iTunes. I love it, so that was a great surprise. Thank you 96.5 the Buzz for bringing him to KC.

I got a T-shirt that says Georgia on it, and threw it on over my dress. We walked back to the car, and I was so tired on the way home. It was a long night, but very worth it.

It had all the artists talking about their real proms. Most of them weren't great, and most of my friends didn't have the best proms either.... I went to four, and most of them were pretty fun! :)

So... here's what I'm wondering... how was your prom? 




  1. Aahh I love Vance Joy, that's awesome that you got to go to that! I thought about trying to get a sitter and go but Aaron isn't a huge alt music fan (country's more his jam) AND the idea of dressing up didn't help any. BUT I'm glad it was good! I didn't really care too much about the others either, although I wouldn't have minded hearing the Kooks.
    I went to prom my sophomore, junior, and senior years and each year was pretty fun! I had the most fun when I went with a friend instead of a boyfriend though... I guess I just didn't pick boyfriends who made great prom dates!

  2. What a fun idea!!! I would have loved to attended this!
    Melanie @

  3. What a fantastic idea!! I love that they throw prom and that you dress up. I'd be so into it. And Vance Joy is amazing. I've only heard a handful of songs on the radio but I'm hooked (PS best name ever for a red dress)

  4. It was so fun, we'd never been ... so a good thing to try out! :) Oh bummer, hehe I wouldn't do well with that... I'm not a big country fan! >.< hhehe The Kooks were pretty good, like I mentioned I didn't appreciate them cutting into Vance Joy's set... but they were good live. :) Isn't that funny how prom works? I agree it was easier to have fun when I wasn't worried about balancing between friends and boyfriend. Though I married my prom date... so it turned out alright! ;) XO

  5. He's got the sweetest voice and the best lyrics. I'm a sucker for romantic lyrics. :) XO

  6. It was so fun. There were people in ballgowns and heels, and then inbetween like we were, and others who were more costume-y. Some in jeans... hehe It was really a fun idea! Though I am not sure how many times we would go back without loving the head lining band. That was a super long time to stand on the cement after a day at work. The whole album is really great. Give it a listen on spotify sometime. :) He also did a t-swift cover before they started her tour.. it was really good too. Hehehe thanks I love it! XO


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