Friday, June 12, 2015

New Orleans Anniversary Trip // Day 3 - Part 2 // January 2015

We had the best time at the NOMA, Day 3 Part 1 of our anniversary trip. Did you miss the swoon-worthy art? Check it out here.

Once you exit the NOMA, you happen upon their gorgeous Sculpture Garden. We had such an amazing time at the Olympic Sculpture Park and also at the Minneapolis Sculpture Garden.... that we had to walk through this one as well. Even though our feet were dead, dead, dead... we had a great time! :) 

Favorite Sculpture: Maybe the mother and child, or people on the bench.

The Sculpture Garden Was: Very different from others we have visited... but gorgeous. Very well set up. It was shady and beautiful.

Feet: Dead...

Snack: Beignets at Cafe Beignet. Again.

Evening: Spent lots of time resting, I think we actually went back to our hotel for a long nap!

Dinner: We got a patio table at Cafe Amelie. It was dark and moody, strings of lights, a fire pit, delicious food. We split a veggie pasta (photographed horribly!), we got some fun drinks, and then had dessert. We sat and talked about life and ate slowly for hours. It was so lovely.

Have you ever been to a Sculpture Garden? 

Have you ever had a dinner like this?




  1. That sculpture garden looks SO SO cool. I love the giant safety pin. And the person made of all the letters! And mmmm, beignets.

  2. Sculpture Garden? That sounds fantastic! I haven't visited a sculpture garden since last Christmas and I'm still reminiscing over how incredible it was :) I love your slipper shoes in this post and oh my gosh, that dessert looks delicious!

    Gabrielle | A Glass Of Ice


  3. It was really fun! Usually I feel like sculptures are so out in the open, on plain grass, nothing nearby... but I kind of loved how all of these were built into a beautiful garden environment. :) Yes, always beignets! :)

  4. It was so lovely. The museum was my favorite part, see the previous post if you are an art lover. :) The park was so lovely though, walking through the trees and spanish moss. Sculptures tucked here and there. So great. Which garden did you visit? Thank you! XO

  5. Wow! I missed so much of New Orleans, obviously. Love lots of these sculptures. I'm curious about the "wood" horse, as my university's art building had a very similar sculpture outside on the lawn (until it got hit by a drunk driver this year. Sigh). I wonder if it's the same artist...

    And, drool. Beignets.

  6. I can imagine, there are so, so many places I both want and need to visit asap haha :) The sculpture trail I was talking about was the one taking place at Kew Gardens as an attraction each Christmas - it was very impressive in 2014!

    Gabrielle x

  7. We never went to the sculpture garden, but it looks really cool!
    Melanie @

  8. Awesome photos! New Orleans is actually a candidate for our honeymoon right now, as we're thinking of combining it with a trip to Texas for my high school reunion. Would love to go to there!

  9. This was our second trip. We did things leftover from the first one. We just went in January... but I have already started a list for a third trip someday. Such a great city. :) YES! The horse is my favorite, that's why I put it up even though the picture wasn't the best. We have one in Kansas City as well. It was made by an artist named Deborah Butterfield. I love them so much! There is one in Minneapolis as well. So terrible that your campus's got hit by a car. :( Oh yes, beignets are the best! XO

  10. Both the garden and the museum were really really nice. I was an art history major so I try to stop at a lot as we travel. It was a downside to pay to get into the museum (many in the Midwest are free and equal in quality) but it was a very cool museum, garden too. You'll have to put it on your list for next time! XO

  11. That would be such a blast!! You should definitely go there. Gosh it is so beautiful and alive. Let me know if you do plan a trip, honeymoon or otherwise, and I will give you some recommendations. :) XO

  12. Thank you! New Orleans is my very favorite US city so far. :) So sweet of my hubby to surprise me with a trip back for our anniversary. :) I hope that you make it there someday soon! Thanks for stopping by! XO - Alexandra

  13. I love sculpture gardens and that one is amazing! I love the ladder going up to the brick framed's so interesting
    Happy belated anniversary!
    Dresses & Denim

  14. It was so unexpected and fun! :) Thank you so much for stopping by. :) XO -Alexandra

  15. Ha Jennifer it probably seems like I am posting about NOLA always.. I take too many pictures for my own good! And then it takes months to get all of the posts up. haha I loved the museum. What a treat to live near it! XO - Alexandra

  16. That's wonderful! I'll have to keep an eye out for seasonal exhibits around here. :) Winter is my favorite time of year. :) XO

  17. Haha. My feet get tired soooo easily. I always feel like I need to train before big trips where I will be walking a lot! Looks so fun, Alexandra!


    Pink Wings

  18. I know! I feel like there is no way I have the right shoes... by day 3 my feet are always so dead. And I just keep going because I don't want to miss out. Someday I'll figure out the shoe thing! :) XO


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