Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Back From Nashville // Books, and Food, and Superman

Hi Friends! I hope that you had a lovely long holiday weekend. Did anyone do anything fun?!?!

We took an extended weekend trip to Nashville for the 4th and for my birthday. That's right friends, I am now 26.

We had a good time, but overall it was pretty darn close to our Savannah trip ... and KC and I were both so happy to get home. - note to self... space your trips out more... even when it seems like you can't.

Don't get me wrong, we really love Nashville...! It's such a fun and laid back city with so much to do. We really enjoyed visiting new places as well as favorites from our last trip.

It's just that we were tired, and it took us 2 hours longer than expected to get there, and the airbnb dog escaped upon check-in. In between those things... I stepped in dog poop... in my sandals... :( Not a smooth start, and some of the places we visited were smaller than expected - and others were closed due to the holiday weekend. Which is reasonable... but made it a little tough to do things with our time!

All that being said, we had hot chicken, visited some museums and pretty gardens, went to Draper James and Sprinkles. So all of that was good. :)

One big discovery is McKay's a HUGE used book/cd/dvd store. And when I say HUGE - I mean it. It's like driving up to an IKEA. But with books. It was incredible. And I bought a lot of books. Mostly for other people... but it was GREAT! :) We actually went twice... and KC kept humming that tune from LOTR when they make it to the top of that hill... you know the one.

Most of all I got to spend some time away with KC. We had a lot of very serious car conversations. It was a little intense from time to time, but we have a lot of fun together.

On our way home we stopped in Metropolis, IL to see the "Super Museum" - complete with giant superman statue.

My goal for these next few weeks... is to be home as much as possible... and try not to make a ton of plans! :)

Have you guys been to Nashville? What did you think of it?

Anybody wanna have a bookish blogger meetup at McKay's?! Will drive for books! haha

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