Friday, July 8, 2016

Have You Heard? // Taylor Swift - "Begin Again" // & Snapshots of the 1989 Tour

So, quite a while ago, we decided we wanted to go to Taylor Swift's 1989 Tour. The concert was the week we decided we wanted to go, tickets weren't cheap... but cheaper than I expected. Plus, Vance Joy was opening, and we all know how I feel about him... KC and I went with our friend Michael. Anyone who mocked them were promptly met with a, "shake it off".

My history with Tswift (as KC calls her) is really just that I was adamant that I would not like her music. "Love Story" came out, and I was like, "meh"... but then I fell hard... as most do at some point or another. I weathered her romantic songs, her angry ones, her narrative ones... and generally liked what she was putting on her albums. When Red came out, it was an instant favorite. I know I'm probably alone in that opinion. I don't know anyone else who likes that album best... but I can't help it! I do! 1989 is very solid as well, and while I wish I could have gone to the Red tour... the 1989 show was an incredible time. I'm very glad that we went.

So today, I am going to share (possibly) my favorite Tswift song, "Begin Again", and recap the concert.

I think that this song has the most honest lyrics. It's simple... but it just gives me #allthefeels every. single. time. I hear it. Who knew there was a video... ? But here you have it.

What's your favorite Tswift song?

On to the concert pics. KC and I have generally been to TONS of concerts, but very few pop ones. This show was a whole different level of performance. Just to see the dancers, costumes, video screen art, it's insane. There were several songs that were just incredible to watch! I also loved the confetti shower.

She sang (as expected) mostly songs from 1989. She also played crowd favorites like "Love Story", "Fifteen", etc. Were lucky to find floor seats, and were able to see an hear everything pretty well! I was most impressed with the visual aspects of the show. The imagery on the screens when it was not live video was incredibly beautiful and eye catching. It really enhanced the experience.

Also, turns out my SIL Kels, and her BF Jacob also bought last minute tickets! They were a few rows ahead of us. So fun.

So another concert lesson for you all: it's rarely too late to buy tickets... but you may have to shell out a pocketful of cash!

So there you have it!

Did anyone else catch a 1989 show?

What's your favorite Tswift song?

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Have a great weekend!!



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