Friday, December 9, 2016

Have You Heard? // 90's & 00's Poptart Xmas Albums // Throwback

Happy Friday Friends!

A few years ago, I shared my favorite Christmas albums here on the blog. I'm starting to think about listening to Christmas music around the house since it's December now... so I thought I would share a few of my favorites throughout the next few weeks. See last week's post: Celtic Woman Christmas Albums. :) 

If you've been reading this blog for a while you'll know that I post a lot of alternative music on here... but that doesn't mean that it's all I listen to! I LOVE so many genres. This week I wanted to do a throwback Christmas music post! These are some of my favorites from my childhood! :)

N'Sync. Oh, N'Sync. We miss you. Full of classics and original tunes to groove to. Actually, this album gets boring for me.... but some of the songs are great! In the sense of cheesy 90's music! :) Under my tree is sneakily so dirty... guessing none of us caught that back in the '90's. Well, no one my age during the '90's. :P

Xtina. Oh boy, I don't know about you guys...but I always kind of liked Xtina better. Of course when I was 14 and she was wearing assless chaps... that wasn't my idea of the classiest.. but she makes her own choices, and she can seriously sing. :) So you know, still team Xtina. This album has so many vocal fourishes... but it's still great.

Hilary Duff's Santa Claus Lane - this album is SO cheesy, but it's the ONLY Christmas album that I actually owned as a kid. I didn't get allowance, etc. and who wants to ask for a Christmas album FOR Christmas? (not this kid) Anyhow, I still rock out to this H-duff album from time to time. And you really can't beat the Lil' Romeo collab. I mean... "thanks for the video games and the bling bling"?! A '00's classic. LOL

Ah, Aly and AJ. Another '00's classic (for me). Aly was super cute as Keely on Phil of the Future, and so of course, she and her sister became Disney darlings... and luckily we got a Christmas album out of that! Most of this is pretty calm and relatively acoustic performances of these classic songs. You'll also get two original (more rock-like) songs, and an amped up performance of Little Drummer Boy. < that cannot be missed. Also, they just look like angels on this cover. 

So there you  have a few of my favorite Christmas songs, I'll share more in the next few weeks.

Are you listening to Christmas music yet? What are some of your favorites?

Are you doing anything fun this weekend? We are going to an Xmas PJ party. :)



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