Monday, January 23, 2017

Nashville PL Pages // 6X8 Travel Mini Album

Hi everyone! 

I hope that you had a great weekend! We spent the majority of it packing and moving. We are very close to being done, I think this week/weekend we will finish! Woohoo! :) 

I enjoyed seeing all of the lovely marches and unity around the world this weekend! Seeing people come together is a lot of what we have been missing lately, and I found it truly heart warming. I watched live feeds from two cities near to me, friend who were there, no arrests at any of the marches in the entire country! Amazing! Of course, enjoying something nice like that always comes with the criticism of folks who are only seeing the "bad" side, or who don't seem to want to investigate the purpose of it....... so I had some facebook grumbles over the weekend too... KC has actually been taking away my phone! ha! Because it's seriously a great way to have a nice day ruined. hahaha It's actually working really well that he's been taking it away! As for the grumbles ... there's nothing much I can do to change the way people want* to see things! So... moving right along!


I learned about PL in the last few years, it's a fun style of scrapbooking that has divided pockets and page protectors. You can buy kits to fit in the pockets (usually 4 X 6 and 3 X 4 cards and matching stickers, etc.) and it kind of gives you some limitations and different formats on how you can scrapbook. I really like it, but I am enjoying this approach a little more than the few times I have played with the kits. It's easy but it still lets me be creative. A win win in my book! :)

I started this back in July and I've been having so much fun with it! I shared my first three PL videos recently, they showed my Houston & Galveston Pages, and my San Francisco Pages, and my Georgia Pages, check those out! To learn about the process, supplies, etc. for my first two sections, you can watch my videos. :)

What do you guys think?

Have you done any scrapbooking or project life albums? 

Have you been to Nashville? What was your favorite thing there?

Do you have any creative goals for 2017?

I would love to hear about it!



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