Thursday, February 26, 2015

Pattern Mix + Firmoo Review

Howdy All, can you believe February is almost over?!?

It has been such a blur. Though it shouldn't be a shock that February felt just as busy as January was. I haven't had time to read any blogs in what feels like weeks!! Thanks for sticking with reading this, I promise I'll catch up soon! :)

I have been doing a really fun IG challenge called #StyleMeFeb with stylist @HilaryRushford, each day gives you a prompt and it has been a blast coming up with fun outfits. This is one of my favorites, and it happened to be from the day I got my Firmoo glasses in the mail.

I just love this striped t-shirt with my utility vest. And since it's been rather chilly in my work place... I've been layering on lots and lots of scarves.

I love the way this one looks with the stripes. Finding a pair of clearance leopard flats at Target topped it all off. A steal at just $8!

Tee: TJMaxx, $20 - Old
Skinnies: TJMaxx, $16 - Old
Scarf: TJMaxx, $10 - Old
Vest: TJMaxx, $10, Clearance - Old
Flats: Target, $8, Clearance
Glasses: c/o, Firmoo

Total: $63
Recent Total: $18

A few weeks ago I got the chance to review a pair of glasses from Firmoo, being a girl who loves glasses... I was jumped at the chance! I used their custom online ordering system to find a pair that would look right on my face shape and size before ordering. Minus the fact that I always raise one eye brow.. can you see it? haha :) 

The online system is very cool. You upload a photo of yourself and enter your PDI (look it up here) and then you can see what it will look like on you. Once I figured out the PDI thing, and how to get my pictures to upload rotated the correct direction this tool was really useful.

I selected these round sort of frames, something unlike what I currently own, but in a tortoise - my go-to color. While ordering I was trying to verify that I was getting 'readers' and I must have spaced, and ordered burgundy instead. Oh, well. The customer service team was very helpful and said that I could review again sometime and get a tortoise pair. I hope so, the burgundy isn't my best color. Lemonade, right?

The glasses themselves are very nice, they are sturdy and come with quality protected lenses. Along with the glasses you receive a hard case, cleaning cloth, and toolkit. Very smart. :)

The prices are excellent and the shipping is quick! I would highly recommend using Firmoo, though I would caution you all to quadruple check your info before ordering, I found it difficult to edit the items in my cart! - I'm told this process is being improved. :)

Check out their First Pair Free Program.

What do you think? Have you ever ordered glasses online? Have you tried Firmoo?

What is your go-to pattern mix formula?