Tuesday, March 24, 2015

New Orleans Anniversary Trip // Day 2 // January 2015

Ah New Orleans, it was a year ago this week that we were there for the first time.

Such a great trip, such a great city, so here are some more photos from our January 2015 trip!

Breakfast: Petite Amelie Cuisine Rapide (sans banana nut muffin I came in hoping for... : / )

Lunch: Port of Call, a trek to get there, but it's tasty and legit. 100% a dive, small menu, apparently decent prices for burgers and steak (when you don't live in the heartland... ) Fun.

Out & About: A lot of walking. From the Quarter to Port of Call, Port of Call to the Mighty Mississippi, and downtown. LOTS of walking. 

Weather: Gorgeous all day!

Lots of: Laughs.

Tried: Pinkberry.

Dinner: Riganelli's Pizzeria. I think it was over-hyped when I read about it. We walked a long way to get there, and it was just alright. Not bad, but not worth the walk. 

Surprise: Got caught in a rainstorm!

Love of the day: Jackson Square still decked out from Christmas. 

Wearing: Skinnies + Black Tee + Teeny Red Crossbody. Flats + Golden Bees on my ears, Vintage Silk Scarf to keep the frizz at bay (hah!) ;) & Sparkly pants in the evening, sadly not pictured.

Tried Very Hard To: have cake at the end of the night... : / 

See Day 1 of our trip here. See our first trip to New Orleans here.

Do you tend to walk a lot on your travels?! How do you keep from wearing down?! 

All for now,