Thursday, August 5, 2010

Snapshots from Omaha // Summer 2010

Snapshots from Omaha

I recently spent a weekend supervising a youth mission trip in Omaha Nebraska. We did some work but we also got to see some really cool things, and eat some really good food. So here is a snapshot diary of my inspirations from the trip.
The Omaha Zoo. Fantastic. You can't NOT take pictures of the jellyfish.

Old Market. So beautiful, so historic, just freaking cool.

Dinner at Spaghetti Works. YUM!

I ordered the "Hot Naked" of course.. Priceless! 
Whole wheat penne, steamed veggies and hot naked sauce YUM! Plus Blackberry Lemonade!
Perfect Dinner!
Doesn't it look delicious??

Awesome Lighting in the Restaurant!

5 years later this shop is still there! Look how cute this is! :D 

A look at the kitchen of a church we met at. I love the idea of community that these cups display. Its a perfect in an ordinary, and easily overlooked way.

A very well-aged couple who serve lunches to the homeless in downtown Omaha every week! Look how adorable she is! (she's in her mid 80's!)

There you have it! Omaha through the eyes of my 4 day excursion. Enjoy!


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