Friday, November 2, 2012

Halloween 2012

Hi everyone! 
I hope that you had a wonderful Halloween! 
Here is mine in pictures! :)

I picked a white pumpkin this year!

At the pumpkin patch! Kyle's yearly "how tall this fall" photo.

Caramel Apples!

Kyle's Super Mario Pumpkin!

Olivia and I's Glitter Pumpkins! Or as she called them "Disco Pumpkins". 

Olivia drawing on her mini pumpkin.

Olivia's mini pumpkin that she drew on. It looks like a spiderweb!

Chili was excited for Halloween! Not a fan of the doorbell ring though! :S

It was Griswald's Holiday! So Dapper.

Me as a witch with my witch cat! :)

Olivia was a pirate! Arrrgh!

Kyle achieved the perfect bow tie for his nerd costume!

Teri joined us for the trick-or-treating festivities this year! She was a cute wolf!

Grandma and I :)

Big Pumpkin, my favorite Halloween Book. I was so excited to see it at preschool and get a chance to read it to my kiddos!

I have to admit that I am excited for next year when I can dress as something a little more clever. But it was fun! 

What is your favorite Halloween Tradition?

All for now,


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