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Snapshots of One Republic & The Script // August 2014

When One Republic's song 'Counting Stars' came out, I was obsessed... I kept thinking, I just want to hear this live. So when we heard that they were coming to KC, we decided to buy tickets and try our hand at another pop concert. And I am surprisingly glad that we did.
The show was at Starlight Theater, a venue that we haven't visited for a normal concert, or at all in quite a while. It is a really nice outdoor venue. There are plenty of seats, the atmosphere is wonderful and it is a beautiful location.

The show was on a weeknight, so we weren't really able to make it to see American Authors.... but we did catch all of The Script's set before One Republic went on.

I don't know a lot of The Script's music, but I do like what I know. I especially love their song 'For the First Time'-- possibly because it was so relate-able during my college time. I just feel like I can really connect to the message of working your hardest through life, even when it seems impossible. And how you need your loved ones most during those times. So, hearing this live was also really cool for me. In general, they put on a really good show, I wish it would have been dark when they went on, but it's summer in Kansas... or Missouri I guess. :) The lead singer kept running through the crowd which was fun, because it was a huge place, and he wasn't just weaving through the front section. At one point he asked for people who had been hurt by an ex to volunteer their phones for the next song. He took a phone from a girl in the front and called her ex and sang 'Nothing' to him through the phone. It was unexpected and a crowd pleaser. I bet that her ex wasn't expecting that! :)

Before The Script left the stage they really praised One Republic, saying they were 'true musicians'. At first I thought, 'ok, that's nice they like the band they are touring with.' 'Everyone, sort of does that...' But once One Republic started performing, I realized that they were beyond sincere about what they had said. These guys really can sing, play and perform. I was honestly amazed by the talent up on that stage!

One Republic went on after it got a bit darker, they started with a screen down in front of the stage, which left the audience with a silhouette effect, with strategic moving light bursts. It was possibly the coolest concert intro I've ever seen.

After that the show continued with many songs I've heard and haven't heard. But the whole time I was amazed at how evident it was that these men had serious vocal and instrumental talent. It wasn't full of autotuning, lip syncing, or low effort performing... this was the real deal. Now I have a handful of new songs to add to my iTunes library as well.

There was one point in the show when they played 'Come Home' and showed images of Kansas City on their screen. It was really emotional (not even being a KC resident), and also just really neat to see the sky line, the plaza fountains and the shuttlecocks up on screen. :)

They also did an incredible mashup of M83's 'Midnight City' with their own 'Good Life'. Which I know does sound like it would work, but it does. 

Aside from the incredibly tall, incredibly high people in front of us's crazy swaying and groping... it was a really great show, and a really great night! I really look forward to listening to more music from both bands, and I think I would even go see them live again! --and that's high praise, especially for an impulse-buy kind of show!

It should also be noted that this is the first time we have seen people we know at a concert or heard they were there and didn't know it ahead of time. Fun. :)

Have you ever seen The Script or One Republic live?

What is your favorite song?

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  1. This looks like such a fun night! I love seeing bands live, I really should do it more often. I'm glad to hear you had an amazing time! xx

  2. Thanks Jess, we really did. :) We have been a little reckless with our ticket buying... :) Xo


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