Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Back From Houston // Road Trip Hangover

Hi Everyone! I hope you all have been having a great week. KC and I are back from Texas and (trying) to get back into the swing of things.

We spent 5 days away from home. Two were mostly driving, it's 11 hours to Houston from where we live.

Almost one full day was spent with Kira from The Kira Bee in the greater Dallas area. We thrifted, and shopped for books. Seeing her side of Dallas was fun, and the greatest way to spend an afternoon/evening after a long day of driving! She even let us stay over at her house! So generous. She has a corgi and two sweet cats too! Thank you so much Kira for your hospitality!!

The next day we drove straight to Galveston, and got there late in the afternoon.

We were happy to see the sun, the gulf, and some warmer weather. Galveston was a really pretty city, and we had a great day exploring it.

Then we headed back North to Houston. Holy cow you guys, that is a BIG city right there. The traffic alone was absolutely insane.

Luckily, so was the food scene, and the MFA was pretty great too! Thank you to Hilde for recommending Montrose!

We took our time driving a little more than usual, we stopped for interesting lunch/dinner spots when we could. Sometimes walking around the cities a bit. We also stopped at a lot of comic/card shops for KC. :)

Overall, the best part was just getting away together. It was nice to be on our own for a trip again. :)

I've never put a video on here (it's like 1 minute long!) ... so if this one doesn't work... whoops. But I used the 1 second every day app to capture pieces of (most of) our trip! :) - it was so freakin' fun. Download this app.

IF you are wondering why on earth we are being dorks and hiding our faces... it's totally because we wandered into a super SCHWANKY restaurant... in our day clothes... and it was getting funny... because we were tired... so I thought, yeah let's capture a 1 sec video. EPIC-LY AWFUL HUGE FLASH in the middle of DARK FANCY restaurant. #embarassing... but really only a little. LOL (the rest is pretty self explanatory. Also, Scalawag has ATROCIOUS table manners. Ew.

Full trip recaps coming soon!!

So excited to start planning for San Francisco! :)

What are you guys up to? Any fun trips in the works?

Do you guys like road trips?



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