Wednesday, October 13, 2010

A Tribute To My Top 10 Summer 2010

A Tribute To My Top 10 Summer 2010
(In no specific order)

1)  Botticelli 
Primavera is my favorite, and The Birth of Venus always reminds me of Noel :)

2) Antique Buttons
These have already been put onto rings, but I love them so much! Each one has its own story.
3) Sangria
 So pretty! So delicious!

4) My lamp from the Antique Mall 

 Its just adorable!

5) Zooey Deschanel
From Shape Magazine. 

Zooey is beautiful, quirky and super fun to watch. (500) Days of summer was so cute as were her outfits. She's one of my style icons.

6) Iced Mochas

Starbucks is not my favorite place by any means, but the picture is what I was looking for. I love signs of life and java break in Lawrence. Iced Mocha no whipped cream = an amazing summer drink!


I keep kicking myself for not having my camera when we went to La Bodega in KC MO. Its the most wonderful place. Tapas (little meals) are a wonderful very Spanish way of tasting the cuisine, a little bit of everything without having to stuff yourself! Delicious. If you are ever in KC check out La Bodega
8)Vintage Singer Sewing Machines!

I love the 1947 Singer that my grandma gave me over the summer! Not only a new adventure but a super cute one at that! I only wish I could make it fit in my room at Miller!

9) Riders of the Purple Sage 

My first western and favorite summer read. A love story and adventure all in one. Can't wait to get my hands on a copy of the DVD. :) 

10) Sundresses 

 This is my newest sundress. I got it at Francesca's Boutique and I just love it. the sweet heart neckline and 50's style are really flattering on my hourglass figure. 

It was a good summer, with lots of lovely inspiration!


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