Monday, October 11, 2010

Renaissance Festival!

Hello Blog! Good Lord I'm behind on my postings! So I guess I will try to do one every day until I get caught up!
and I guess I will go out of order... for lack of sufficient photos. :) 

Kansas City Renaissance Festival
Kyle and I took the day to go to the Renaissance Festival! We have been saying we should go for (count them) approx 4 years, and decide that we really HAD to go this year. It was wonderful, no obligations, no concept of time, just the two of us wondering around looking at beautiful things, watching jousting and Caber tossing, eating turkey legs and apple dumplings... it was a perfect day.
Ready to Go! 
Me too! (Gosh those things were heavy)
 Why won't you let us in with these things? huh?
 Recycling at the Renaissance Festival? Yes sir! :) 
 Turkey Legs! 
 Axe throwing!
Looking very much the part.
 My Beautiful New Earrings! They are REAL roses! 
 I declareth that is alleth. Good Day fine Lords and Ladies!


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