Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Recipes #9 Ham and Potato Bake and #10 Bread Machine White Bread

Ham and Potato Bake

{borrowed and enjoyed from Better Homes and Gardens}

This potato bake was easy and pretty good :). Kyle liked it more than me, but we both enjoyed it. He thinks its because he's a "Meat and Potatoes" type of guy. But there is asparagus in it {so he was eating some veggies :)}. I am not going to post the recipe, BUT if someone wants it just ask and I will send it your way or if enough people want it I will post it! :)

We also tried out our brand new bread machine :)

It worked great though we made a bigger loaf than we needed! It was impossible to store well since it was so huge.. so we will keep working on that :)

But it was good and easy! :)

Again if anyone wants this recipe feel free to ask :)

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