Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Rivet & Sway's Fall 2013 Line // Try on #2

Remember a few months ago when I was (desperately) trying to get votes on new glasses? (link here) Well, I didn't get many... and I really need to go to the optometrist (still). So in the meantime, when I found out that Rivet and Sway came out with a fantastic fall line.. I had to order another at home try-on kit. (I know, I know.. everyone else gave me a hard time about it too..) But you have to understand, these new frames are Works. Of. Art. 

All of the frames are gorgeous, but I picked three that I thought might flatter my round-ish, heart-ish shaped face better than the last ones. 

The three I ended up ordering (2 from the fall line, one from the original line). 1) Pillow Talk in Tabby Cat, 2) Character Study in Mardi Gras and 3) Checkpoint in Coral Reef.

Photo Credit: Rivet & Sway

1) Pillow Talk in Tabby Cat

Pillow Talk is such a cute bold square shape, really good for my round-ish, heart-ish face. I love the bold frame and the tortoise color. I think it works really well with my coloring! Plus how sassy and adorable are the frame and color names? Pillow Talk & Tabby Cat... oh boy.

2) Character Study in Mardi Gras

Character study is a fun little frame, very delicate and almost costume-y. I feel like a 1950's secretary when I wear these! I think black would be so classic, but the mardi gras color makes them a little more modern, which is fun! I like the subtlety, but I'm not sure if I want a subtle pair this time around....

3) Checkpoint in Coral Reef

Check point is a really cute thinner square shaped pair. I love the shimmery brown color of the frames which is about the same color as my hair, and the coral is a really fun contrast. At first I thought that they were not wide enough for my face, but I kept going back and forth. They come in another color combination that is black on the frames and tortoise on the sides which could also be fun.

Overall I like all three pairs better than the last three pairs. Do you? I think that my favorite so far is Pillow Talk in Tabby Cat. I might order these last three pairs to try on before I choose my final pair... 

I was going to order the Punchline in Neapolitan (1), but they were out of try-on pairs. I would still like to try 2 other new frames: Layer Cake in Saltwater Taffy (2) and Ticker Tape in Confetti Pink (3) too. 

Photo Credit: Rivet & Sway

What do you think? 

How adorable is Rivet and Sway's Fall 2013 line??

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  1. It is super adorable. I tried on the Dragon Fire, Core Strength, and Je Ne Se Qui. I adored them all but loved the red ones best. I then realized it was extra for the actual LENS and argh, I can't order them... I can probably get another year or two out of my current pair. But I really want ot keep trying on all these frames, they are gorgeous!

    Spitfire is really cute with your coloring but out of these three, I like PillowTalk to be more 'out there'. For subtle, the middle frames look really nice too.

  2. Thanks for voting! I loved the green on the spitfire, but not so sure it looks great with my coloring. The tortoise part for sure does. I've been wanting to try some red ones too.. :S -too many to choose from! -Alexandra

  3. I like them all, but the first and third are my fav's! Getting new glasses is so much fun!

  4. Thanks Brittany! I just ordered my 3rd try on kit! :)

  5. Thanks for voting! I get my final try on kit tomorrow!!!! :) -Alexandra


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