Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Vintage Vinyl Wall Art

Do you have bland boring walls? We did! In our first apartment, we weren't allowed to do much in the way of paint, and the walls were concrete... so we never hung up anything that wasn't compatible with a command hook!

Now that we've moved into our new place (and feel like royalty! umm... dishwasher you guys!) We are so much more willing to make it home-y and more "us". We definitely have an eclectic style, and a lot of stuff... so it's a work in progress... but we finally hung some things on our walls, with NAILS!

I have wanted to try this for a very long time, and now I have! Vinyl as wall art!

Step-by-Step: Vinyl as Wall Art

Materials Needed:

Boring, empty wall space
Record Album Frames (At Michael's or Hobby Lobby) - I got 3 for $11 at Michael's on sale!
The same number of Albums as frames- check out below for where to find/theme ideas!
A hammer
A pencil
A tape measure OR a sheet of butcher paper for this method.

1) Acquire necessary materials (above). Narrow down your albums to fit into allotted frames. (hardest part!)

2) Unwrap frames and remove backing. Insert album of choice upside down. Replace backing, make sure the hook is at the top when your cover is right side up!

3) Measure your wall with a tape measure. Find the midpoint widthwise and lengthwise and mark with a pencil. Center your first record on the pencil mark (where the two midpoints meet), have someone hold it and see if it looks good (or just go with it!). If so, mark where your nail should go and hammer it into the wall. Hang your record! Repeat!


Alternative to step 3: After measuring midpoints, trace and cut out pieces of paper the same size as your records and tape to the wall. If you like the spacing, hammer a nail into the wall where the first one should go and proceed from there! For a pictorial example, click on the link above in the materials category.

4) Step back and revel in your awesomeness! (or in my case, KC's :) )

Inspiration & Ideas:

Where to find Vinyl: Search thrift stores, garage sales, flea markets, antique malls and Salvation Army stores for records you like. They can be favorite albums, artists or soundtracks, or just albums with covers that you love. I chose a mix for our walls! Most of my albums were just $1-$2 each!

Contrasting Colors:

Dark or colored walls? 
Try hanging neutral records in grays, whites or tans.

White walls? 
Try hanging colorful records. You can pick one color scheme or choose to mix and match!

Isn't it Thematic? - Some Theme Ideas... 

Do you love musicals? 
Why not fill your walls with Eliza, Tevye, Maria and Dolly?

Classic rock your thing? 
Try framing albums by KISS, Queen, Boston and the Rolling Stones.

Are you more of a movie buff? 
Seek out soundtracks to your favorite films!

Still buy vinyl? 
Frame your current musical favorites. Many bands still come out with vinyl albums, you can store the record itself in a white sleeve and display the cover art of all your favorite albums! You can find these at many music stores or large bookstores.

Kids room? 
Why not frame Disney albums? Or vintage children's records?

Die hard fan? 
Collect and frame every (insert band name here) album ever.

Into dance? 
Try ballet scores or how-to (cha cha, mambo, waltz...) LPs.

Just want to display something visually appealing?
Seek out records with cover art that you love. It doesn't have to coordinate, just go with your gut! Once you're done you'll have a eye-catching display that showcases your unique style in your home perfectly.

The possibilities are endless!

What is your favorite way to add personality to your home?

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  1. How cute is that?! What a great idea. Congrats on the move!
    - Amanda

  2. Thanks! So happy to have more space. Having fun slowly decorating it! :) -Alexandra


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