Monday, January 26, 2015

Snapshots of Seattle // Day 5 // October 2014

Here we are, finally at the end of our Seattle trip! ( Days 1, 2, 3, 4 ). On our last day in the city, we decided to head out to Fremont & Ballard. We didn't have nearly long enough to explore. But we managed to hit some good bookstores and vintage shops. We ended the day at the pier with a seafood dinner and ride on the new Ferris wheel.

Pastries and coffee... again.... because, why not?

After our breakfast we took the bus out to Fremont. We walked and shopped. We went to the Fremont Vintage Mall, which was very fun. I bought a lot of fun glasses. :)

We also visited Ophelia's Books, which was a fun little bookshop that carried used books. I rummaged around, picked out a book, played with the cat... :)

Then we visited a fun clothing store called Show Pony, that also had some used items. There was a lot of diversity. I picked out a really cute pair of gold studded crescent moon earrings. :)

We visited some more shops and then grabbed lunch at a quick Greek place. We had gyro and falafel sandwiches. They were so yummy. We ate them outside because the weather was gorgeous! :)

After that we walked down and saw the Fremont Troll

 Pretty crazy huh?! In his hand is a full sized VW beetle! :)

Remember that scene in 10 Things I Hate About You with JGL?!

Then we headed out to Ballard. We stopped at THE MOST BEAUTIFUL STATIONARY STORE ever (in Wallingford) on the way. It was called Paper Delights, I didn't get any photos inside... but please check out their website. It's flawless. Swoon...

In Ballard we rested our feet, grabbed coffee, visited another sweet bookstore, Sonic Boom music, a beautiful vintage shop called Trove, and KC visited a game shop. :)

After that we took the bus back to the downtown / pier area. We walked for quite a way to get to the pier. Little did we know it was under construction. So we had to go all the way around to get from the sidewalk to the pier. We followed the 'detour' signs and ended up on the wrong end with no way to walk through to where we wanted to be. We were exhausted and super hungry. It took what felt like ages. But we made it, waited to get a table, had dinner and then got on the Ferris wheel.

The ride was nice. I've always loved Ferris wheels though I hate most other amusement park rides. It was so fun to see the city at night. It reminded me of Chicago's Navy Pier, my first bigger trip when I was a preteen. :)

After that we got our suitcases trucked it to the light rail and back out to the sketchy hotel by the airport. Where I am pretty sure we saw a prostitute. Not quite what I was expecting.... We were so exhausted, and pretty ready to be home.

What type of shopping do you like to do on vacation?

What do you bring home as a souvenir?

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  1. seriously, your posts always make me want to eat allllllllll the food.

  2. haha I know right?! Um, Nashville and NOLA will be MORE brutal for you. Fair warning... haha XO

  3. I've been following your Seattle posts closely. I'm heading that way in March! Everything looks so good. I want to eat all of the food.

  4. I'm so glad they've given you ideas! Thank you for reading! For SURE go to Rocco's. Even if just for drinks! I hope that you have the best time! XO


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