Monday, August 10, 2015

Pimm's Cup Recipe // A British Summer

Summer is not yet over, so let's savor the last of it with one of my favorite cocktails! :) 

When it comes to summer cocktails I love the freshness of a good Pimm's Cup. It reminds me of tea, and gardens, and warm weather. I had my first one on New Year's Eve, with just the bare minimum. While we were in New Orleans (the first time) I tried a few more interesting varieties. Since then I have been making them at home (occasionally... ), and now I find it an especially good cocktail for guests! Pimm's Cups are a big deal in Britain, so I say, let's all be British this summer!

Here is my recipe for this easy & unique summer cocktail:

Pimm's Cup
Makes 1 tall glass

1-1.5 oz of Pimm's Liqueur
lemon lime soda, ginger ale, or lemonade
a handful of ice
2-3 strawberries
2 cucumber slices

1) Take one cucumber slice and one or two strawberries, then cut or crush them a little, and put them in the bottom of the glass. Reserve the other strawberries and cucumber for garnish.
2) Measure out the Pimm's and put it into the glass, and then nearly fill to the top with the soda, ginger ale, or carbonated lemonade.
3) Add a handful of ice, give it a stir, garnish with a strawberry and cucumber slice.


-strawberries and cucumber slices are optional, but make a lovely addition to the cocktail. However, the drink is still tasty without them!
-I typically use 1 oz of Pimm's and lemon lime soda
-a striped straw is always a nice touch
-this makes a lovely, unique, and easy cocktail to share with guests
-for friends who don't partake, an iced herbal tea would yield a similar taste. :) 

Anyone else wondering why them Pimm's is always gone? ;)

What is your favorite summer cocktail? -or non-alcoholic beverage?



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