Friday, October 30, 2015

Have You Heard? // Hilary Duff - "Breathe In Breathe Out"

I thought I would give you a few catchy songs to start off your weekend! (or week if you are seeing this on Monday! :) )

I've always been a Hilary Duff fan.

Growing up she was one of my favorite TV stars. Lizzie McGuire was so relate-able, she was normal and fun, (not something I saw often elsewhere on TV) and she grew up well in the spotlight. I watched her movies and bought her albums. I wanted her prom dress in "The Perfect Man," I bought the pink high top converse when "A Cinderella Story" came out... you get the idea.

Then she grew up, she started a family, and her life in the spotlight calmed down a little bit. She took an 8 year break to live her life and define her goals.

Now she's back on TV, in her new show, Younger, which is hilarious...! She's a mom, and an actress, she sings, she's got a healthy body image, and she seems to be enjoying where she's at right now. She took time to figure out her dreams, and she's chasing after them. I'm finding that she's still relate-able, and still a good role model.

.... and she happens to have a "new" album out (it came out in June you guys... slacking over here!)

You guys, this is the catchiest album... ever.

It's so much fun, I think it would be great for working out, or commuting ... getting you though a boring work day.... I'm so glad I bought the deluxe version... because the deluxe tracks ended up being my favorite. With the best lyrics. :) Seriously, I'm thinking printables here.... (you can find it at Target).

Here is the first single, Sparks. It's so catchy. The music video is fun, and a leeetle crazy... but I kinda like her hair teal! I promise you this will get stuck in your head.

I really like this one too, and don't say I told you so ... but this might be KC's favorite... ;)

Alright, last one... put this on your workout playlist for sure...

She also worked with some other artists on this album, there's even a song that Ed Sheeran wrote.

While there are a few songs that are not my favorite, overall I think it's a solid pop album. It's very "feel good," and I'm into that.

I'm going to stop gushing about this now, you guys get the idea! :)

So, just put this one on your Christmas wishlist... it's fun, it will make you happy, you deserve to be happy. :) #treatyoself

Have you heard any of Hilary Duff's new music? (or what do you think of the songs in the videos here?)

Any other Lizzie McGuire / back in the day Hilary Duff fans out there?



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