Friday, January 15, 2016

Snail Mail Opportunity! // Who Doesn't Love Happy Mail?!

Hi All! I hope that you guys are having a great week, and a wonderful 2016 thus far! I read something AMAZING on Krissy's blog yesterday (if you don't follow her, go look at her blog, so gorgeous, I love her short and inspiring posts!), and I wanted to pass it along!

In rural South Dakota a teacher is teaching his 3rd-5th grade students about the U.S. He is asking for post cards to be sent to him, from around the country so the kids can learn about the different regions and states. Like a road trip through post cards. How fun is that!?! It's especially sweet when you think about how some of these kiddos may never get a chance to leave their home state.

Krissy made an excellent point that it's so important for kids to have a connection to writing in a digital age. I'm getting ready to send some snail mail supplies to my sister Olivia in AZ so she can mail me in addition to face timing and texting. :) (shhh don't tell!)

Isn't this the neatest project?! I can't wait to go pick out a post card. :) I'll write to the students saying that Kansas is not all flat, there are lots of sunflowers, and probably mention The Wizard of Oz. I might even add how much our relatives and friends like getting post cards from us as we travel.

Want to join in? Here is the mailing information:

James Jesser
Clark School District
2200 N. Clinton
Clark, SD 57225

Also, does anyone want KC and I's end of the year post card? I have a little stack left, and I would love to send them to some of my blogger friends! It is pictured at the top of this post, and I think that it would make a fun print to frame or put on your bulletin board. Email me your address, at if you would like one and I will send it your way. :)

Anyone have goals to send more snail mail this year?

Do you ever send post cards when you travel?



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