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Let's Talk About the Gilmore Girls Revival... // Hidden Spoilers

Wow... have you watched the Gilmore Girls revival? If so, you probably have a lot of feelings... so let's discuss. (please keep in mind... 1) I'm still processing.. and probably need to re-watch it... but I don't *want* to yet, 2) I have seen the original show MANY time, many, many times, it's my favorite - so I might get a little intense/detailed...)

I will type the big spoilers in white... so you'll have to highlight them to read... I HATE spoilers... so if you want them... you have to work for it!

It's going to be so hard to organize this post...

How I felt when we started watching:

First... can we talk about how sad these episodes were? Obviously, with Mr. Gilmore passing away in real life and subsequently in the show, there were going to be some sad parts. Emily has to figure out how to be a widow, and what that means for her. Lorelai and Rory have to figure out how their family dynamic works without Richard. Etc. I expected that... (however, I don't think that the portrait of Richard needed to be a mistake, I think it could have just been how she wanted it.. but whatever....)

....aside from that ... wow....

Rory and Lorelai were SO broken. So so broken, to the point where I didn't even recognize Rory anymore. She was meticulous, intense, bright, and at least eventually recognized the error of her (spoilery) ways.... but here she is. At the most basic not knowing where her underwear is... at the most complicated sleeping with Logan... ENGAGED Logan. Did she learn nothing in season 5?

And while we are on that topic... when did Lorelai stop telling Rory when she is being an idiot?! Sure she's 32 now... but Lorelai was quick to tell Rory how it was when she strung along Dean during her infatuation with Jess... but not now with Paul? - I found that confusing. Also, she had some VERY clear thoughts on  Rory's relationship with married Dean... but not engaged Logan...? Why not now?! Lane Kim is the only one I was proud of, yelling at him on the phone like that. Oh my. At the very least... Rory should still be a meticulous packer, an organized go-getter, and honest with herself. At the most I was completely disappointed in her decision to sleep with engaged Logan ... repeatedly. I really thought she would at least have moments where she *knew* that what she was going was wrong... but I didn't see that remorse anywhere. How on earth could she really have digressed SO MUCH in the last 9 years? It doesn't really make sense to me. She didn't seem like Rory at all anymore to me.

... also ...

WOW were Paris, April, and plenty of others (even Taylor! - that makes no sense!) super jaded. Paris has always been intense and a little bit insecure... but her intensity usually wins out, she has a goal, she goes for it, and she's fine. Seeing her so bent out of shape was also really unsettling to me. Especially partially over people like Tristan and Francie. That's ridiculous.

The part where she kicked the door though, made my life.


They were all jaded except Sophie.. who was always grumpy... but was now cheerful?! What?!

I wish that there would have been less additional sadness in Sookie being absent for most of the show, and in Michele wanting to leave The Dragonfly. Also, Michele was barely snarky. I love his snark. Do we need more sad things? Really?

How I felt after the first few episodes:

While we are on the topic of Sookie... I know they couldn't get her on the show for long, and that makes sense... but researching how foods grow and how soil tastes.. etc. etc. just didn't seem like Sookie to me. Maybe Jackson... but I didn't like it. That doesn't seem like her thing to me. It was nice when she came back... but yeah... it was weird. Couldn't they  have taken her to a restaurant or school in another country?

Lane and the band were not in it enough for me... Lane and the band are some of my favorite plot points and in my opinon some of the best characters... but where were they?

I was so sad about that. ASP said in an interview that she was dissapointed that Lane and Zach had kids in season 7... and that she couldn't do as much with their characters because of it. Unacceptable.
:( Having kids is not the end of people-dom. Having kids is not a reason that they couldn't have a more intersting or involved plot.

My Reaction to that comment ^^ : (Lane deserved more!)

....but we had 15 straight minutes on the mostly confusing Starshollow Musical. (why wasn't this broken into chunks?! Or just shorter?!) A few parts seemed like something Taylor would do ala The Starshollow Museum... but the rest was dark and strange... and didn't seem Taylor-like to me. I can't imagine the old Taylor writing a depressing short story or play or whatever about an abusive relationship. It makes no sense to me. Also... why wasn't Miss Patty involved..? I only saw her helping with the casting... Confusion abounds.

When did men become so unimportant? I get that this show is about the Gilmore GIRLS. I get that it doesn't matter who they end up with, if they end up with anyone, etc. etc. I'm totally fine with that... but these episodes kind of made it seem like men really don't matter AT ALL. Did anyone else get that vibe? Paul, what the hell was with that? That's so incredibly rude, that whole situation. And Mr. Kim just being there... after all this time.. I read an interview where ASP was saying that she liked that he'd been there the whole time but no one noticed. What? Why? This isn't funny to me, it's kinda sad. It was even that way with Emily's new boyfriend or friend, but to a lesser extent. I also get that the ladies of the show shouldn't make all of their decisions around men, etc. But Lorelai and Luke have been together for 9 YEARS! At what point does Lorelai take him into consideration?! That's how relationships work! I even felt like overall Luke (a MAJOR character) was taking a BIG backseat as far as the show and giving his input as a male character went ... Michele and Jess briefly get listened to... but beyond that... it was like... let's not listen to the lowly men. Weird.

I talked with KC about this and we came up with this idea: at any given point the original GG, characters would not care about someone (because they were mad), etc. etc. but we NEVER got the impression that they actually didn't care about others. This was a whole different level of people being disposable, and I didn't like it. It's sad and cold... and it doesn't remind me of the characters I watched for 7 seasons.

I sort of like that the Life & Death Brigade made an appearance... but it was also super random. Why were they walking around Starshollow? What was with that weird club? I don't know... it all felt a bit like a theatrical performance instead of a big event... it was just kind of odd and whimsical. It really broke up the flow of the episode for me. I did appreciate the back to back Wizard of Oz and Elizabethtown references... though WHY would Logan know anything about Elizabethtown...?

The wedding scene was also really theatrical... parts of it didn't bother me.., but it was also just kind of random. I guess there was not a lot of stuff like that in the original 7 seasons... so it was just a weird shift. It was so dream-like and whimsical. I don't mind that in general... but it just was kind of disruptive to the flow of the show I thought.

Jess & Luke are adorable.

Can we talk about how we knew Jess would be an amazing guy all along? Please. We all knew it, even if you're not #teamjess . I like that his story progresses through the original series, and that his character MAKES SENSE in the new episodes too. He's there, giving Luke advice. That was extremely endearing. Also, oh my did we all melt when Rory ran out with her book and squealed?! And then he peeked back through the window!! Just adorable. I wish more of the characters would have developed in a more rational way... but whatever.

Dean is the cutest. I know that Dean has his flaws (season 4/5)... but I think that most of the things people don't like about him (aside from that...) is that he was possessive and jealous. Ok, sure, he indeed was, but he was also 17. He was a kid, and Rory wasn't treating him well. He also grew up in the Midwest, with this wholesome traditional family, and values that reflected that... and people were offended by it. (Donna Reed episode...) but I don't think he ever meant to be offensive, and I think that he realized that wasn't the only way, or the right way, but just that he thought it was nice. I think people really overreact on that one. He's 17 guys, cut him some slack. I can't condone what he does later in the series... that's a whole different thing. Let's be real, he never should have married Lindsay. And he definitely should not have had an affair with Rory. Anyhow, Dean as an adult is kind of adorable. Jared Padalecki is just the cutest nicest person (or so he seems). I love that he ended up happy, that he's probably in a healthy relationship now, and that he was friendly to Rory. His story also makes sense to me.

The camping stuff was oddly great. I saw that in the preview... and I was like Lorelai would NEVER go hiking. EVER. EVER. Just, no. However, once I got to those scenes it made sense to me. Lorelai runs away, which is totally her, but she is kind of responsible about it for once... and she goes, and she grows. Her trying to pack and unpack her backpack is hilarious and true to character. And I loved the Wild pop culture reference, and all the other ladies who were there. That was super funny! Also, the "ah ha" moment was so emotional, and it makes sense how it happens randomly, and of course I sobbed when she called Emily and told her the story. I love that she never actually makes it to the trail, it seems right that way, haha

I know that Lorelai is yawning in this scene ^, but I'm using it in a "shock*" kind of way....


Logan... is an asshat to the 16th degree. I have times in the original series where I really like him, but I felt like the last bit makes a lot of sense as to how his character is. He's still entitled, he's still going to assume the position in the family business, he's still a playboy, he's still immature... so why does Rory want ANYTHING to do with him? We could have used that background ASP! How did this come to be?! How did they run into each other, and make the decision to have this relationship? It would have made A LOT more sense as a one-night-stand. Then Rory finds out he is engaged... and says, "I've done this before.. I'm out." She could still end up pregnant in that situation... whether or not it is his baby... but it would seem a lot more "Rory."  So I guess I wasn't surprised at all by him. This is what I expected from him. I did expect better from Rory. Poor Odette. I can only hope that she is the female equivalent of him... and this is an obligation marriage.

One other thing that was kind of bugging me is how the show has always approached geek culture. I get it, it's a stereotype, and stereotypes are fun to make fun of. I get that. Maybe it's just because a lot of folks in my life are a big part of geek culture... but I kind of hate the way the Gilmore Girls make fun of it so frequently. Over the years it's been Star Trek, Star Wars, AV Geeks, Dungeons & Dragons, etc. etc. that they make fun of. But I though that the "line" story and the "I slept with a wookie!" thing took it too far. What on earth Rory?! 1) that's not you, 2) why does it matter that he's a wookie? I don't know, this isn't a huge deal, but it kind of irks me. Geek culture exists, and it's actually kind of cool, just accept it.

Some of the pop culture references were great, others were like, what?! And some of my friends made a good point... it seemed like a bit of overkill... too many references. And only 1 GOT reference... kind of funny.

I really would have loved to see more of the band (already said that), but also Kirk & Lulu, Liz and TJ, I wanted Brian to end up with Lane's exchange student/cousin, I would have loved to see Glenn - though it would have been super random. I wish Doyle would have had a bigger part, but I get it. Also that was super meta what they did with his character.

Rory's job stuff was the only part of her plot struggle that I "got". It makes sense to me that she would be struggling in her career, especially since it's journalism. I can understand her being a mess in that sense. Being unsure, needing to figure things out. The rest of it I don't get. I didn't really like the part where she was meeting with the woman in London to write her bio. It was kind of strange, with super long scenes, and it seemed out of place with the rest of the flow of the show. Her other meetings were ok, but the Sandee Says stuff was just strange. I get her frustration in waiting for the Conde Nast folks to get back to her. Whatever happened to Mitchum's call? Taking over the Starshollow Gazette was a cute plot point... but honestly can't go anywhere... so it was kind of confusing. Unless there was a plan going forward it doesn't really make sense for her to take that on. She knows she's not going to stay. The part I did like, was Jess suggesting she write the book. Obviously, Jess is great. But that's not the point. I loved the book idea, it's SO Little Women! When she walked through Emily's house to write it, and sat in the study, I sobbed.

 I don't completely get why Lorelai wasn't ok with it... but I'm glad Rory did it anyhow, and that Lorelai softened to the idea, and that she wanted to tell Jess that she did it. That was all really great.

The Last 4 words:

Oh my, was I shocked!! I'm so glad that I did not expect that and did not have any spoilers. I find the whole thing a little frustrating, as most do, because that's a very cliffhanger ending to something that so far has no plans to continue. I DO think it will continue... but we shall see. I understand ASP's goal in creating symmetry in Lorelai and Rory's story lines. I like that. I actually like that those were the words, and that is what is happening. But of course I don't want it to END that way, as in forever. What irks me most about this ending (aside from the possibility of it never resolving) is that ASP meant for this to be Rory's 22 year old ending, not her 32 year old ending. Is this the whole reason her plot was so un-Rory-like? Just so the show could result in an unplanned (unknown father) pregnancy? What a waste. She's not 22, she's 32. Can't she just have an unknown, unplanned pregnancy with a bit less crappiness as a character?! I think they could have done that.

Oy vey.

I understand how everyone feels about Bella Swan now. Except for the fact that I ultra-loved and identified with Rory Gilmore as a character.

Emily's plot was heartbreaking but also hilarious. Where she went as a character was a bit unexpected, but so very well done. I think the Marie Kondo (Life Changing Magic) makes total sense with the place that she is in her life, and I don't know why it gets scrapped along the way.... it seems like she continues with it regardless. But that's just my $0.02. Kelly Bishop is brilliant, and Emily's story line was great. I wished there had been a tad less of the wordless thinking scenes... because I wanted to know what Emily was thinking and feeling, but I still loved it. Working at the whaling museum was really really random... but I guess that's ok. I don't know... I mean whaling is atrocious.. so ... I wasn't a fan of that. But I like that she moved on.

I talked a bit above how it was strange to me that Lorelai was so lost. I understand that she misses Sookie, and that life is different without her dad.. but I don't understand what else happened in that 9 years to make her quite so unsettled. I'm glad that she worked through it. I think it makes sense for the way she ended up. I'm happy that she ends up with Luke and I hope that she learns to actually include him in her life... because that's what marriage is... lol I'm also really glad about the ending that she is going to buy another building to expand the inn. I like to think if they do more episodes later Michele will still be there and Sookie will be back.

How I felt when we finished watching:


Um... so there are a lot of my random thoughts.

Again, a second watch is probably in order... but I am not up to it yet.

What did you guys think?!

Did anyone else have similar or different thoughts?!



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