Saturday, June 29, 2013

Snapshots of Celtic Woman // Omaha // June 2013

A few weeks ago we saw Celtic Woman in Omaha!

We left work after lunch and drove up for the show. The drive is pretty quick, so we checked into our hotel and grabbed coffee and dinner before we needed to pick up our tickets. 

The performance was at the Orpheum Theatre downtown, which was really conveniently located with plenty of parking. 

The show was great, as always. The music was incredible and the choreography was fun to watch. It was nice to see Susan (the newest member) grow into a bigger role for this show. They brought back a lot of Lisa Kelly's old songs for her to sing. The crowd was significantly better than either of the other shows I'd been to. Everyone was clapping, laughing, cheering and crying. I didn't expect to cry at all, but Lisa Lambe's intro to Bridge Over Troubled Water really got to me. She talked about how everyone has been having such hard times and that the friends we have can really make all the difference. She dedicated that to everyone in the audience, which really touched me. I was pretty surprised that this particular song made me cry because of all of their songs, that one isn't a favorite... but it might be now. 

In addition, the theatre was beautiful! Lots of ornate detail with chandeliers everywhere. You can't say that most concert venues are beautiful! This was definitely a pleasant surprise! 

After the show, I tweeted mentioning each of the girls thanking them for the incredible show and to my shock(!) Mairead, the wonderful violinist of the group favorited it! I did a little happy dance! :)

I am excited for new music to come out, whenever that may be... and then to see them perform live again someday! Maybe even for their Christmas tour! :) 

Have you ever seen Celtic Woman live?

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