Monday, June 10, 2013

Spice Up Your Summer Playlist!

In my never-ending search for new and interesting music, I found this fantastic album! 

I first heard about Rosemary Clooney on Gilmore Girls and soon after bought a clearance CD of hers. It was short, but it got me hooked. I wanted to add a new album of hers to my collection on a recent itunes purchase and came across this album. It was unique and didn't have any songs that I already owned. 

Here is what I found!

This album is full of Latin flavor and old stand-bys. It is extremely upbeat and irresistibly catchy! 

Some Favorites:

Corazon de Melon
Magic is the Moonlight
In a Little Spanish Town

The album is available for purchase on itunes for only $6.99!

Who doesn't love a song called Watermelon Heart?!

Download this and host a little outdoor fiesta this summer!

Or just sit back on the deck with a margarita.. :) 

You'll find yourself shimmying around the house singing "you're heart is a watermelon heart!" ... "just a watermelon heart!"

What is your favorite unusual music purchase?

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