Sunday, March 9, 2014

Impressionist France Exhibit at the Nelson Atkins // Kansas City // January 2014

So I am the master of posting about things a month or two after they've happened. All the same, this was so fun that I felt it was worth sharing.

We went to the Nelson for their impressionist exhibit (you might remember the Frida y Diego exhibit? here.) This time we did not win free tickets, but it was still less that $10 apiece. I had known about it for a long time, but we finally made out on the last day.

It was snowing and I was worried that we wouldn't make it out... but the snow just turned out to be a gorgeous and harmless addition to our drive! Though good we waited a bit to leave... we did see a lot of cars in the ditch / median on the way there. :(

It was pretty great! The gallery was filled with Monet, Cezanne, Manet, Matisse, Pisarro, and all sorts of lovely information on Impressionism.

I personally enjoy impressionism and have felt lucky that the Nelson has such a good collection. We have one of Monet's Water Lilies for crying out loud! (as does St. Louis, that post, here.)

We viewed the exhibit including my favorite Monet piece 'Boulevard des Capucines' a wonderful winter cityscape with some interesting coral-red shapes on one side. Many believe they are balloons, which I think is just really fun, especially for a sort of dreary winter painting.

We also saw so many other fantastic landscapes & cityscapes!

We went from viewing the cities, to the more rural areas, to the mountains, agriculture and forests, finally to the sea.

I was surprised to find that I was most drawn to the seascapes!

Something about the French coast became so appealing. I was in love with nearly every piece!

Before you left the exhibit there was a box where you could write a post card 'from impressionist France' and send it. On the front you draw your image and then write a note, the museum mailed them for you! I was busy trying to figure out who I would send it to since the exhibit was essentially over... while Kyle was writing me a sweet postcard. I may have glanced over... and so I wrote him one too. It was fun to look at them later.

All in all we had another fun day at the museum!

Which Impressionist Piece or Artist's Work would you most like to see in person?

I would have say more Degas!

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