Saturday, March 22, 2014

Many Days, Many Ways Link Up: Hot Pink Jeans

I never in a million years thought that I would buy hot pink jeans. 

I did and I wore them until they were really beat up. I got a new pair over Christmas break (for just $15!) ... and I've been wearing them even more frequently!

So for my very first link up participation I am doing a many days, many ways post for... .you guessed it! My hot pink jeans. :) 

I have so many more outfits that I haven't photographed.. ... but you get the idea! Colored denim can become so accessible! 

Thanks to Danielle (here) and Nicole (here) for hosting this link up! :) 

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  1. These jeans are so cute! I used to have a pink pair myself (though not as bright), and sadly I've worn them out and not replace them. I really miss them, especially now when spring's finally showing face!

  2. Thanks Hilde! It would be hard to have brighter pink pants.. haha. :) Maybe you will happen upon the perfect new pair of pink hued jeans in your shopping. ;) -Alexandra


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