Thursday, April 17, 2014

$4 Cashmere & The Case of the Broken Clasp

I know that it's technically spring, and no one wants to see or even think about sweaters... but let's be honest, it snowed in Kansas again Monday... so sweaters really are in the mix for at least part of the country for a bit longer.

Sometimes you hit thrifting gold at the salvation army and goodwill. Seriously, it's possible! I recently found this fantastic bright pink cashmere Izod sweater at Goodwill for just 4 dollars! It is so cozy and fits really well! It will go with so many more things... but it was so comfy paired with my leather leggings. 

Izod Sweater: Goodwill, $4
Leather Leggings: Target, $25
Studded Black Flats: Target, $21
Camisole: Old, Clearance. - gift
Bow Earrings: Icing, $7?
Vintage Necklace: Salvation Army, $3
Purse: Target, $20 - Pictured Below

Outfit Total: $80?

I love this purse. I really wanted a basic everyday, black purse. So I got this at Target for only $20, but within the first week of wearing it, the magnetic clasp on the flap broke. :( So every time I pick it up, or turn a corner in the car and it falls off the seat... its entire contents fly everywhere. I'm sure that if I try, I can find some type of magnet or piece to put in there that will fix it. But I'm a little irritated, because I haven't bought a purse in a while. So I'm choosing not to try to fix it right now... haha.

This is what happens when KC is shooting pictures of me. :) Silliness. 

Have you ever found a super nice quality piece at a typical thrift store?

I would love to hear your thrifting stories! :) 




  1. Hi, Alexandra! Just discovered your blog through Bramblewood Fashion and I've had fun poking around! I think one of my best thrift store finds was a H&M maxi-skirt for only $2...I had been searching for a neutral maxi for a long time and ran into Goodwill for a quick look and actually found it! Needless to say I was so happy to get it! Be sure to check out my blog and follow...please! ;)

    1. Hi Sarah! Thank you for stopping by! That sounds like such a wonderful find! I just love maxi skirts! :) Thank you also for the follow! :) I am excited to visit your blog too! :) -Alexandra

  2. awww no, that stinks the purse broke! if you just got it maybe you can exchange it? i'd be pretty annoyed too, haha

    xo marlen
    Messages on a Napkin

    1. I know Marlen! Ugh... nothing is made well anymore! At this point they don't have it in stores anymore and I don't have the receipt.. so I'm not sure it would do much good. I guess I'll start hunting for a magnet... haha -Alexandra

  3. Love this outfit! Do you know if they still have those leggings at Target? Also, what brand are they? Thanks!

    1. Hi Natalie! Thank you. :) I bought my leggings in the fall. They are 'leather' in the front and regular legging material in the back. They are Merona brand and might be in the clearance sections still. Last time I saw them it was possibly December. I did some digging online and this pair looks pretty similar, though is 'leather' in front and back I believe. Mine are super comfy and cute, they have worn pretty quickly on the knees though. But of course I can't say for the link. :) Good luck & thanks for stopping by! :) -Alexandra


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