Friday, April 4, 2014

Bright Jade, Black Lace & Feathers // Remixing Your Wardrobe

Linking up this favorite old post with The Creative Closet girls again today. This week's theme is 'a pop of color, and I thought this post would be the perfect fit! :) 

Happy Friday everyone! :) I hope you had a great week! 

I still have two New Orleans posts coming... but in the meantime, here is another winter / remixing outfit for you! (others can be found by clicking on the style then fashion tabs above!).

Black Lace Blouse: F21, $25?, old
Gray Pants: TJMaxx, $16, old
Black Sequined Flats: Kohl's?, 25?, obviously old... :)
Green Vintage Necklace: Salvation Army, $3
Black Rose Drop Earrings: Gift, old.

Outfit Total: $69!

I am amazed at how many 'old' items I pulled out of the closet to create this one! I have been trying to do that more, incorporating old and new pieces into an outfit, but it's usually mostly new items, plus one thrifted item and one old one. This is a success with 4 old items & one thrifted! :) Yay for remixing!

I have always been a sucker for a bright green and black. It's such a brilliant contrast, but I find bright green kind of hard to integrate into my wardrobe these days (I rocked a lime green cardi all through high school, and still have it)... but this necklace is a nice pop of almost a bright jade-like green. I loved the color and find that it helps me revive my green + black combo in a more sophisticated way. :) 

I love the lace panels in the back! It's so feminine and alluring without showing off a lot of skin. Lace tops in general have an important place in my wardrobe essentials list. I have quite a few neutral ones from black 3/4 length blouses to Ivory scoop neck tshirt. They are so versatile. This blouse is a little more dressy, but it is still such a basic piece. Ending my love note to lace shirts now. ;) 

I also have this fun little feathery 'hat' that I got for $5 maybe on clearance once. It was completely random and I never wore it until I was Cruella De Ville for Halloween last year, but I think it could be kind of fun to wear if you went to a party where people were dressing up a bit, but not full on costumes. Who knows, but it was fun to wear it if even just for the pictures. :) 

What is your favorite eye catching color combo? 

Do you have an obsession with lace tees and blouses too? 

Thank you for reading! 



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  1. Cute! So in love with that top!!

    1. Thanks! I love how easy it is, but it looks so dressed up! :) -Alexandra

  2. That jade green is so pretty with the black! :)

  3. Love the lace detail on that top. It's perfect paired with the green necklace! Glad you linked up today :)

  4. Thanks Jana. I love trying to wear green and black together :) XO

  5. Thanks Claire! It's a favorite combo for me now. :) XO

  6. That jade green color looks wonderful on you and goes so nicely with the black!!

  7. Thank you so much Jenna :) You're so sweet! XO -Alexandra


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