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Snapshots of New Orleans & The Road // Days 5 & 6 // March 2014

Day 5

Since it was our last day in New Orleans we woke up pretty early and packed up our stuff so we could check out of our hotel as soon as we got back from walking around. 

We passed this mural with whales on it (right next to our hotel) and I had to get a picture before we left. So neat! For those who don't know, I have a major thing for whales. :) 

We decided to eat breakfast at a place called the Ruby Slipper (you know, because we were clicking our heels back to Kansas after lunch..).

I ordered banana pecan pancakes with sausage and OJ and KC got an omelette with potatoes and an iced coffee.

The food was just ok, I was really hoping that it would be amazing... but mine was kind of bland, and Kyle's was nothing to write home about. The pancakes were probably pretty decent, but I just enjoyed that banana nut muffin so much on Day 2 (link below)!

After that we walked back around near the market, picked up lots of souvenirs for family and friends and took in our last moments in the city.

We walked back through Latrobe Park and admired the gorgeous fountain and statue!

Lastly, we stopped at Faulkner House Books, the house where Faulkner lived in New Orleans, now turned into a book store. 

It is a literary landmark, and a fun little place to visit! We looked around and I bought a little poetry book about food, of course. I felt like I should have bought a Faulkner... but I wasn't sure what I wanted. Also, it's so hard for me to buy full price books. I usually get them used, at Goodwill or library booksales. So paying $15 for a small book feels so excessive! All the same I am glad that we went.  

By this point my feet (that had been killing me daily) were dead as can be. So so unhappy. We made it to the hotel where I parked it in the Starbucks (with the postcards) while KC (so, so sweetly) packed the car, checked out and picked up a muffuletta to go at The Central Grocery for the ride back to Memphis. 

A muffuletta is a sandwich named after the Italian bread of the same name. This bread is sort of flat, crispy on the outside and soft on the inside covered in sesame seeds. The bread is then filled with olive salad (olives, carrots, celery, seasonings and olive oil), mortadella, salami, ham and provolone. 

It is huge and all kinds of delicious! Not only is it as big as KC's head, we really could have just eaten a half of a sandwich! But boy, was it yummy! :) 

Then he picked me up and we hit the road! 

The drive was fine, Mississippi has some really fancy rest stops!

We made it to Memphis and checked into our hotel. I was getting kind of tired and worn down, but we decided to go to dinner and get ribs (Memphis is famous for them!) at Central BBQ

We always think that ribs sound good, but they never are. Anybody else have this problem? Anyhow, we ordered ribs to share, and Full House was on... so that cheered me right up. :) The ribs were actually very good! The baked beans were really great too, they had a jalapeno sort of flavor! :) 

Day 6

We woke up and finished the ride home! Nothing eventful to report. But our kitten sure missed us. :) 

Well there you have it! See Days 1& 2 here, and Day 3 here and Day 4 here. See other travel posts here. :) And as always, stay tuned for more!

Where have you guys been recently?!

Give me suggestions in the comments! I love a good recommendation! :) 

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  1. so fun :) i am the same with books, i buy them so cheap that it hurts my heart to pay full price!


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