Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Why I Love a Road Trip // Reflections

Road trips are so good for the soul.

There is something truly important about seeing what is in between here and there.

Seeing how the trees change. How the color of the highway differs. The names of the towns and rivers in between. The interesting people you meet or observe along the way.

Where the Southern accent starts, fades, and then doesn't exist at all.

How the food changes, and how much the portion sizes differ from one city to the next.

Where the forest changes to swamp. Where the farmland turns into desert. Where rocks and sand meet oceans.

The towns that time forgot. Some that were left behind entirely.

You can learn a lot about your country on the road.

A lot of self-reflection can be done there too.

Things get clearer when you're out of your element. Decisions are easily made. What's most important becomes obvious. It's easier to be grateful for what you have when you're exposed to what else exists.

Meaningful and hilarious conversations can be had with your car mates. New plans can be made, ideas can be expanded upon. Ballads are belted, raps are rapped, and perhaps there is dancing, or head banging from time to time.

Facing challenges make you stronger on the road.

Navigating a new place, detours, and construction in that new place. Facing torrential downpours, and blizzards, realizing that your tickets are for tonight and not tomorrow. Overcoming these challenges far from home make you stronger.

Life happens on the road, when we aren't too busy to see it out there.

Have you taken road trips?

What are your favorite parts of a road trip?

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  1. This is so beautiful, and so true! I haven't been on too many road trips (just for the sake of road trips) but when I have I love exploring new places to eat. (Eating = my favorite.) Now that we have a little one, road trips are a little more, um, challenging :)

  2. I haven't done nearly enough US road trips, so some of these I can't relate to. But we did a lot of Sydney to Melbourne drives when I was a kid (bout 10 hours) so I have lots of memories from those, and I loved it.

  3. Thank you Shea, I just love road trips. We've taken a lot just the two of us. Some with his family, a few with mine, and then one with a group when we were at KU. All fun. :) I'm sure it's an experience. KC's cousin and his wife have two little girls and they are always taking road trips and flights. I admire that. It sounds like a challenge! But I guess they are being trained and it will just keep getting easier right? :) XO

  4. I hope that you get the chance to someday soon! They are really fun, and I am always surprised by how much there actually is to see here. I'm always like oh, everyone is in Thailand and Norway. This is so lame. But not really, I always have a blast and see the most unexpectedly awesome stuff here. Not giving up on Norway or Thailand of course... but content for the time being. :) Australian road trips sound fun! I'm so glad you have good memories of those! We didn't travel much when I was growing up. XO

  5. GORGEOUS photos.
    my favorite part of road trips is just getting away, and being away from "the grind" of things for a while.

  6. I looove road trips as well. There is something magical about driving right? So nice to see the country rather than flying over the top of it. I used to do a lot of road trips in NZ and when I was in America but haven't done too many in England yet. I'm planning a big Scotland road trip for the summer which I am really excited about! x

    Jasmin Charlotte | UK Lifestyle Blog

  7. Thank you Sydni! I totally agree. Even a really short one with lots of driving and not lots of 'doing' can be just the medicine. :) XO

  8. Oh a road trip from England to Scotland sounds fabulous... dying to explore the British Isles... I hope that you have a fabulous time! Thank you for stopping by! XO

  9. Gorgeous photos and such varying landscape! Making me want to travel :)

  10. Thank you Hilde! I love looking back on the images and remembering the fun times we've had on the road. I hope you get to take a trip soon! I hope I get to take a trip soon... haha April has taken a toll! I haven't heard from you in such a long time!! Did you change your blog address? Xo - Alexandra

    Simply Alexandra: My Favorite Things

  11. nope I found it... I haven't been getting the emails anymore... bummer! I'll have to add you to my feed. :)

  12. Haha no I just haven't been very good at blogging lately. Life gets busy sometimes!

  13. I totally understand! Either way, hopefully I'll see your posts more quickly when it is in my blogger feed. :)


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