Tuesday, May 5, 2015

My First Bridal Show! // April 2015

Hi all! Happy MAY! :) 

As you may have read, April was pretty awful for me. I'm not going to rehash that here.... I'm just going to share the end of the month with you! :) The last two weeks were busy with more work, and lots and lots of prep for my first bridal show!

I finally made it there, I was scrambling down until 5 minutes after it started, and my mom was admitted to the hospital two days before the show.... but we somehow all made it. :) 

We set up a little assembly line of bridal show projects in my mom's hospital room. We talked and shared ideas, they helped me put polka dots on my business cards, punch out hearts in my color samples... etc. While I finished designing a few more samples.

We pulled very late nights, my mom got to go home and is feeling SO much better! I was near tears so many times, but there wasn't time to cry, just time to keep going! Somehow, with everyone's help... I made it there.

And it was so great. :)

As soon as the brides started rolling in I was in my element, in my booth, chatting away with sweet new people. I was having the best time sharing invitations with attendees and hearing about their unique ideas for their weddings.

I left with an overwhelming ache in my legs (heels the first 3 hours was an awful idea), and gratefulness in my heart. 

Thank you to everyone who came to the show, who liked my social media accounts, who punched out hearts, dotted dots, carried things, ironed my curtain backdrops, picked up Chipotle and brought it to us for lunch, let us take over their tables and floors... ordered a fabulous custom sign for me, and more. I could not have done it without you.

I hope to do more shows in the future, thanks for helping me figure this first one out family. :)

If you like pretty invitations and calligraphy... or just wanna help a girl out... you can follow my accounts on FB and IG. :) I am currently populating my Etsy.

What have you guys been up to?!?




  1. Yay, way to go Alexandra, I'm glad the show was a success!! You make so many beautiful things, I'm so impressed! Those tee shirts are adorable, and I love the cute way you displayed your color choices.
    I'm glad to hear your mom is doing better, I hope she continues to get better!

  2. Thank you Shea! It was so much fun! I am hoping to hear from more brides as their dates get closer! Thank you! I will be selling the shirts in my etsy coming soon, and also customized ones if you ever need a gift, or want one for yourself. :) I plan to run coupon codes etc on my IG and FB. :) Thank you so much, she really is feeling much better! We are so glad! :) XO

  3. How cute!!! This looks adorable-- I'm so impressed!
    Melanie @ meandmr.com

  4. Thank you Melanie! & Thank you IKEA. I wasn't quite ready to assemble a $700+ booth. :) XO

  5. i'm sorry about April and I hope your mother is doing better! That dress you are wearing is adorable, and I'm glad your first bridal show went well :)

  6. This is so awesome and you are so talented!

    ps. Hope your mom's ok!

  7. Thanks Kristen! She is doing much better. :) I found this dress at TJs for $35, I thought it was pretty perfect for the bridal fair, but very versatile, I can't wait to wear it more. :) XO

  8. Thank you Hilde! :) I had so much fun. My mom is doing better, thank you! :) XO

  9. Your booth looks awesome! Your calligraphy is really beautiful too :) Last month I did my first show with stock form my Etsy shop too and it's incredible how much work goes into putting everything together, especially for the first time! xx


  10. That's awesome. I am getting married soon I need to attend more events with vendors like yourself. Thanks for sharing.

    xx Falasha

    Bite My Fashion ll Instagram ll Bloglovin'

  11. Hi Jess! I totally agree, it was a LOT of work. I tried to keep it pretty simple with an IKEA shell, trying to make it look like a room without spending $700+ on the walls.. I hope that yours went well too! XO

  12. Thanks Falasha. :) It was really fun, I think wedding shows can be a really good way to see what is out there and what pricing is like etc. Good luck with your planning and thank you for stopping by! XO -Alexandra

  13. It looks beautiful! Kudos to you, you busy girl, looks like you did an awesome job!


    Pink Wings

  14. awww looks like so much fun!!

  15. Thanks Gina! & Thanks for liking my social media. :) XOXO


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