Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Snapshots of the Dunedin, FL // July 2015

When you visit the gulf coast of Florida... it's all kind of right next to each other. Since we spent the week staying in Clearwater Beach... we had access to quite a few cute towns and cities. This town, Dunedin (DONE - EDEN) was no exception. 

Dunedin was by no means large, but it was filled with so many cute little shops and restaurants. I think it is also close to some pretty beaches, though we didn't explore it for that long. Overall, if you are looking for a cute little place to drive through, or shop through... this is the place to go!

Eat: We ate at Cafe Alfresco. It was really good! There was a beautiful Mexican place as well, seriously look at that photo... so if I would have eaten 2 meals here.. that would have been the second! Strachan's Ice Cream was good, but they didn't have any exceptionally interesting flavors. A house specialty that we did not try, was frozen key lime pie.

See: The cute small town vibe. Fun shops and restaurants. This town also has Scottish heritage if you are interested in that. Additionally it is close to sandy white beaches on Caladesi Island if you have time!

Shop: All the little places. So much mermaid and whale swag. I was in heaven. Also, you're welcome for the funny hat pics. 

Do: Walk around, shop, eat, visit Caladesi Island!

Favorites: The decor in the Mexican restaurant... yes, I went there. Shopping finds. The adorable train station sculpture!

New Experiences: I can't think of any!

Have you been to Florida's Gulf Coast?

Does anyone else occasionally like to visit little towns... and just shop a lot?!?!

Upcoming Florida Posts: Tarpon Springs, Clearwater, St. Petersburg, Orlando/Winter Park, and "The Treasure Coast."

Happy Travels!


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