Thursday, April 7, 2016

Three Months In // 2016 Goal Progress

In order to keep up with my goals for 2016 a little better, I have been trying to do monthly mini goals. :) See my 2016 goals here

March Goals:

1) Plan San Francisco Trip

I at least started this! Whoop. Super jazzed to be there so soon!

2) Try 2 New Workout Methods

Fail, I did only 1. BUT, KC and I thanks to the idea of a friend have started to do yoga at least once per-day. Often taking walks at work too. Even if we meet the minimum each day, we feel really good about it. Anyhow, I have all these new fun DVDs and workout plans... but I only got to try one. I did a Bollywood dance DVD and it kicked my butt. It was fun though... so I look forward to being in better shape... LOL

3) Read 5 Books

Check! I am posting about them in detail on Monday! :) I finished The Lunar Chronicles (have not read extra books), read Dumplin', A retelling of Little Red Riding Hood called Sisters Red, a really great self-help/lifestyle/goals type book called Radical Self Love, and two more netgalley non-fiction picks: Food Swap and The Flower Workshop. Check back Monday to hear more! :)

4) Try 5 New Recipes

Check! We tried Pioneer Woman's Mediterranean Wraps (with a few tweaks), mudslide Baileys brownies, AMAZING spinach dip, Veggie Pasties, a new pie crust, a Fruit Tart, Cinnamon Breakfast Bread, Enchiladas Verdes. Thanks for sharing the link to that last one Kristen. Also, we made the tart twice, and while the crust is a pain to get out of the pan... its SO good.

5) Buy 2 Bras


6) Do Modern Calligraphy Summit Lessons

Big fat no on this one.... : / 

7) Plan 1 Date Night with KC

Bday week more than covered this, we went to the arcade one night after tacos, I took him to a concert, we went to eat at a lot of his favorite places, etc.

8) KC Bday Week Prep

Things did not go entirely to plan... but, we still had a good bday week! We had a lot of nights at home doing fun things together and separately. We went to a concert later in the month as part of his present. We went to the arcade as well. His two main presents aside from the tickets did not get here until THIS week. Seeing as his bday is March 7.... that was kind of obnoxious... .but he didn't care and now that the shirts are here, he has worn them a lot already!

9) Clean Out Car (post road trip... ew!)


10) Clean Coat Closet (leftover from Feb!)

Sort of... ? I did get the winter stuff out, and put in a little hanging rack... so it is more organized, but could still use some work!

11) Read at Least 1 Book from Netgalley Shelf

I read 3! Three great non-fiction books. Look for those recaps on Monday! Now just... 6... I think... left on my shelf! OY!

12) Buy Limo Studios Light from Amazon

I did this and it is GREAT! It makes blog/invite pictures turn out so much nicer. On the other hand. It's kind of large... and our place is small... and the cats want to murder it.. so we have to keep it in our closet or the laundry room... : / 

13) Write and Post Florida Posts (you know that was only July... *facepalm*)

Hey, I started these! Two are posted (Tampa and Dunedin), one is scheduled, and all my photos are sorted! WOOHOO! Hopefully, I can do the same with Arizona and Houston posts soon. :) 

Completed: 10/12 - I'm calling this excellent!

April Goals:

1) Read 5 Books
2) Try 5 New Recipes
3) Try 2 New Workout Methods
4) Start Modern Calligraphy Summit Lessons
5) Read (at least) 1 Classic Novel
6) Get Rid of RANDOM JUNK! (from piles....)
7) Work on Etsy Site!
8) Map Out Travel Through August
9) Watch 2 Disney Movies
10) Learn Something New, or About Something New
11) Send Random Mail to Friends/Family
12) Plan 1 Date with KC

What have you guys been up to in March? Did you meet any of your goals? 

What are you hoping to do in April?

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