Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Date Night Photo Shoot with Leah Evans Photography

Ever since we did our photo shoot in Arizona, I have been wanting to do a Kansas one. I happen to know a super talented awesome lady named Leah from Leah Evans Photography ... and she takes BEAUTIFUL photos! She announced some mini sessions at the beginning of the year, so we snatched one up!

The week came around and I had a cold... like "I'm applying under eye cream to the bottom of my nose," kind of cold. Work got really overwhelming... and I was having a panic attack about where we were going to take these photos and what we would wear.

The day came, and it was cold, and places were closed, and I couldn't decide....

So we thought... what could be more natural than a date night downtown?

Aside from walking around Target or watching Netflix... but nobody wants to see those photos.

Here is the result:

*hint: we love them!*

There you have it, our date night in Kansas shoot. I think it's so fun, because it's seriously what we do on date night. Pizza, ice cream, walk around... you know, just be casual. It's also a fun way to document some of our favorite Lawrence places. & get some pretty funny laughing/chewing photos! bahaha 

Seriously though, we really love these. We highly recommend Leah, and she travels! So, if you are looking for someone awesome, check her out! 

Have you done a photo shoot before?

What do you do on a typical date night? Or wish you did?



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