Monday, May 23, 2016

Fiesta! // Celebrate

My sister Jess was born on Cinco de Mayo twenty-three years ago! On her birthday we went out to dinner, we went shopping, got coffees etc. it was a blast. However, she wanted to do something fun with a group, so we planned a game night. I couldn't think of a better theme for a potluck game night than a fiesta!


We picked up mini pinatas at Target, and a large Taco shaped one as well. We also picked up a small cake topper that had little paper fringe-pom poms on it. So cute!


KC and I made Pioneer Woman's Mexican rice, a fantastic (EASY!) crockpot chicken taco filling, and provided taco bar toppings for everyone. We had friends bring chips, guacamole, pico, salsa, queso, etc. We also made a batch of Mexican Crinkles, a from scratch funfetti birthday cake, and several kinds of margaritas.


Taco Bar
     -chicken taco filling (I need to share this recipe soon!)
     -taco and soft taco shells
     -black refried beans
     -shredded cheddar cheese
     -sour cream
     -hot sauce
Pioneer Woman's Mexican Rice
Mexican Crinkle Cookies (I need to share this recipe soon!)
Funfetti Cake (via Cake Magic book I reviewed!)
Traditional Margaritas
Blue Margaritas
Corona w/ lime


We had an absolutely huge group this time. Usually we invite about 9 people... and end up with about 6. But this time we had 12! It was crazy! So we ended up playing more group type games, after all there are not a ton of games that suit so many players.


Wits and Wagers also would have worked for a group this size, but we didn't play it.


Most of our friends are not super into taking a lot of photos... but I pulled out a sombrero that I thrifted at Goodwill, and a mini sombrero that I picked up at a garage sale. You could easily have a photo booth and use the pinatas and sombreros as props. Any sort of colorful backdrop would do! My sister and I took a few photos with them, but overall they functioned as decor!

We had a great time, and I hope that everyone else did too. The taco bar was a great idea for a lot of people because the chicken cooked all day, and the other items pretty much just come out of the fridge! SO EASY! Plus, who doesn't love tacos?!?!?!

I may have to re-do this party someday to try to get some more detailed pictures, but you guys get the idea! ;)

Have you guys ever had a fiesta? Or a themed party?

What is your go-to food to make for a crowd?



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