Friday, May 6, 2016

Have You Heard? // 78Violet - "Hothouse"

Do you guys remember Phil of the Future? I used to love that show, and from that point on, I really liked Aly Michalka who played Keely. She was so cute and fun. Her and her sister started making music that came on the Disney channel, and kept making music after that. I loved their early albums, I loved the Disney movies and shows they did, Cow Belles anyone?!

For quite a while they've been doing movies and TV shows, so we haven't heard a lot of music from them recently. Aly was on Hellcats, Two and a Half Men, and now iZombie. AJ has done a few movies, and is currently in The Goldbergs. I would really like to see their movie Weepah Way for Now. It's a indie sort of flick... and I don't know a lot about it, but I'd like to watch it someday. It basically sounds like a movie about two sisters who are trying to navigate being 20-somethings. Dealing with family, and their place in the world. If nothing else, I think it's worth a watch. :)

3 years ago they released this single, and it never turned into a released album. They played a few shows, trying to get a new label, one in NYC one in LA. And as much as I love to buy tickets... they were both announced right before the show. And neither location was easy for us to get to. #middleofthemapprobs They didn't get their new label back then, but I did see a new IG post recently saying they were recording. So we'll see.

Even though this was 3 years ago, I still LOVE this song. It's catchy, and folksy, and fun. I think it's great for spring and summer. It reminds me of driving with the windows down.

Music starts at 3 min 29 sec. It starts out as this artsy video, so if you aren't into that, skip to the song! :) Luckily, this SINGLE is available on itunes (minus the video intro) if you're into it! :)

Did you guys watch Disney channel growing up? Do you remember these two?

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We're headed to the 3rd Annual KS Food Truck Festival this weekend! So excited. See Last Year, and The First Year. We've got family Mother's Day plans as well.

Are you guys doing anything fun this weekend?!

Happy Friday!



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