Monday, September 19, 2016

Book Ban 2016 // Bookworm

It's no secret that I love books, and I love to read. Joining the Literary Ladies Summer reading challenge last summer really pulled me out of a (LONG) reading rut, and gave me some seriously needed perspective on self-care. Thank you ladies. :)

Ever since I started reading more (a year ago!) and using goodreads (is there a patch for this?), I have been reading more... but also buying more books. (which to be honest... I was still buying them before the challenge... but now I am at a quicker rate.)

If you know me in real life, you've probably seen my house... which means you have witnessed the insane amounts of books all over KC and I's apartment. I have had to buy more bookcases on numerous occasions... because I'm stocking up so I can someday have this library...?

All jokes aside, it's getting out of hand. Not because it's wrong to have this many books, but because if I am going to have them, I want to be reading them, and keeping the ones I love. Not just acquiring at an incredible rate.

So I am posting the details here... of my book ban, for support, accountability, and get those facts together...

Deep breath...

I own 873 books, (128 Cookbooks)
I have currently read 377 of those books, (this includes things like cookbooks that have been skimmed and craft books too)
That means I have 496 books I own that need to be read
17 of those books I own that I've read so far this year (far more than any year in a LONG time)
5 of those books are duplicate copies (ex. I own three copies of Jane Eyre, don't judge!)
I own 18 ebooks
2 of those ebooks have been read
I have 7 unread netgalley books in my queue
I have 1 goodreads giveaway book that needs read
I have 1 blogging for books book that needs read
I have 5 borrowed books that need read
I have 6 library books that need read


This is a problem. (at least until I have aforementioned library...?)

So, KC came up with the brilliant idea (though he does not chastise me for my bookish habits...) that I should put a limit on it, and due to many many years of deep rooted feelings and guilt about shopping... (we don't need to go into this...) he decided that it should be ambitious, but not so strict that I start to feel like an evil human for wanting to buy a book. (really deep rooted, guys...)

For every 10 books of my own that I read (this counts e-books and Netgalley books too), I am "allowed" to buy 1 new book. (This doesn't mean that I *have* to buy a new book, but just that I can.)

For every book that I read and do not love enough to hold on to (or don't think I will read again), I will sell it or donate it. (I already do this, but with this plan should be going through them at a faster clip.)

Books that don't "count" toward this "allowed to buy" #:

Books that both KC and I wanted (ex. The Cursed Child).
Books purchased on vacation as souvenirs. (within reason...)

This is a great idea for so many reasons:

1) I read my own books!
2) I get rid of the ones I don't want to keep (less crap in our house)! - sometimes getting $ back.
3) I stop acquiring books at a rate 300X that of the rate at which I am reading my (or any) books. - which adds to my already high anxiety.
4) Reading more makes me happy, being home and reading and happy means I don't feel like I want to go "walk around" or see what's new at Target/local used bookstores etc. as much.

1) I will unsubscribe from Kindle Daily Deals, I have purchased 16 books in two months, none of which have been read yet.... (I don't regret this, as none of them were over $3 and most were $1, but it still seems like a good idea.)
2) I will avoid starting a series that I would then have to buy books for... (I'm looking at you Throne of Glass, *sobs*)
3) I will only check out library books when I need to (to fit a challenge category, finish a series, etc.), but will overall try to avoid it after I finish the few I have currently.
4) I will limit my Netgalley requests to Non-fiction until I can handle fiction... and at that point try to be reasonable with the number that I am requesting... (who knew they approved everything?!)
5) I will read the books I have borrowed from friends/family and not accept borrowing any more... for quite a while. Please stop giving me books friends... I love you... but it's too much!

Overall, I think this plan is great. Some of my ideas are not specific enough to be measurable... but it's a good start. :)

I sort of started this in August, while I was still counting my books and deciding upon the rules, and even though I did not follow it perfectly, it already seems like it is helping! 

Anybody else in this boat? If so join in, if not - that's great! :)

I am currently working to build my own books into reading challenges and lists for the rest of the year. :) 

What have you been reading?



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