Wednesday, July 5, 2017

27 // Birthday Recap

Happy Wednesday Friends! I hope that you were able to enjoy a long weekend celebrating the 4th of July (or Canada Day!)! :)

As most of you know, this long weekend was also my birthday weekend. Woohoo! I'm now 27!

I had a great time celebrating with friends and family and of course KC.

Friday night, we had my family over for a book themed costume party. It was Olivia's idea, and it was fun to come up with last minute ideas. I love crafting, so it was pretty fun to use felt and playing cards and ribbons to make myself look like The Queen of Hearts. KC was the White Rabbit. :) Jess was Bella/the Twilight Cover, Darrick was Harry Potter, my Mom was Holly Golightly, and Olivia was Stefano from A Series of Unfortunate Events. We had lots of fun!

Saturday we caught up on sleep and things like groceries. I read Always and Forever, Lara Jean in the afternoon and evening while KC hung out with a friend. It was super cute, and I seriously think there is not a book character more like me IRL than Lara Jean Song. Scrapbooking, costumes, baking, crafts, family, love of old people, even watching Amelie and Romeo + Juliet. Having a crush on Gilbert Blythe. You get the idea. :) I didn't like it as much as the other two, but still enjoyed it.

Sunday we had friends over in the evening so we spent the day cleaning, organizing, and cooking. It was fun. KC made me festive bday pies, bomb pop layer drinks, and kebabs. People brought sides and we played lots of games. It was really fun! :) I got to wear one of my birthday presents from KC, this bomb pop dress! :)

Monday was my actual birthday, so we took the day off work. We had breakfast and then drove out to KCMO to the Plaza. We saw 47 Meters Down, which was not our usual type of movie... but I really kind of liked it. It was fun doing something so different! Then we went to Anthropologie, because we only have a few around here... and I rarely go. We popped in, and since it was the sale weekend, I bought myself a few little pieces of jewelry. We also stopped by Paper Source, which I do enough... but I like to check out this location because they have different things! I got some good sale finds, etc. which will be great for my project life albums. We got dinner at a local Mexican place with KC's family, which was great. I ended up getting really over heated and feeling sick though! Which was too bad. Eventually I left the restaurant and cooled down at home, and then we watched Bridget Jones's Diary.

Tuesday we had lunch with my mom and Olivia and then hung out for the rest of the day. I still wasn't feeling great from the night before, so I decided to take it easy at home. I wrote thank you notes, got my planner ready for the week, printed photos for PL, etc.

Overall it was a great long weekend, I was so grateful to spend it with family and friends! :)

What did you guys do this weekend?

How do you like to spend your birthday? Do you have traditions that you keep?



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