Monday, July 17, 2017

Six Ways to Make Your Own Project Life Cards // Documenting

Happy Monday Friends! I hope you had a great weekend and got to watch GoT. How sweet is Ed Sheeran's angel voice?! How icky were those bed pans... ewww.

We had such a great time celebrating my SIL's wedding this weekend, but today I don't have anything ready to show you for that. HAHA

Sooo, how about a quick tutorial on making your own Project Life cards? If you're still trying to figure out how to start PL or needing motivation, check out this post first! There are TONS of ways that you could do this, in this video I'll show you some ideas I had by starting with a stamped background, and you can watch me speed through the process and then see the finished cards. Making your own PL cards is a great way to use up items in your stash and to save money on documenting supplies!

I'm happy to share more methods in the future as well, let me know if you are interested!

Here's a closer up image of the final cards (I definitely forgot to trim the top off of the one on the top right! - whoops!):


Scraps of light colored paper/project life cards
Paper Trimmer (this one is on my wish list!)
Word stamps (here I used Kelly Purkey and Heidi Swapp)
Acrylic Stamping Block (I want this value pack so badly!)
Ink (Black)
Washi Tape
Ephemera, Stickers, and Tags from your stash
Adhesive Roller

Which card is your favorite? 

How do you use up supplies that you have in your stash?

How do you save money on documenting?

I'd love to hear how you document (photo books, scrapbooks, apps, etc.)! Let me know!

What other types of videos are you interested in seeing? (process videos, DIYs, flip throughs, etc.) I'd love to know!

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