Monday, February 4, 2019

February = Romance Month!

I love love. I love reading about love, I love watching movies about love, I love showing my love for others by making them treats and gifts. I thought, what better thing to talk about this month than romance?!

Last year I read my first *true* romance novel. It was heaven. Cute, funny, steamy, with a happy ending? Sign me up! (If you have perked up OR rolled your eyes... you might remember my post on Book Shaming & Romance Novels from a few months back... ;) )

There are definitely layers to romance: from proper romance to super steamy reads and everything in between there's an option for everyone. Maybe you're thinking about trying a romance read this year, but you aren't sure where to start?

There are also plenty of people who aren't interested in reading only romance, but don't mind it within other genres. So, I'll be sharing a few picks from other genres as well!

I'll be sharing romantic books that fit these different categories in case you feel like being just a bit mushier than usual this month! Stay tuned!

1) Favorite Romance PG to STEAMY
2) Romantic Picks in Other Genres
3) Diversity Romance Picks

Are you into romance? 

What are some of your favorites?!



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