Friday, January 14, 2011

Earth Friendly Product Swaps and Reviews

I have made it a goal for the past two years to use some of my spending power to support the environment (and my own health) by purchasing environmentally friendly versions of the products and items I purchase. 

Obviously this can often be more expensive. Organic food is extremely expensive and the other eco-friendly products are sometimes more expensive as well. I can't afford to be a Merc member or buy all organic food/clothes etc. But I can slowly switch over many of my products as I finish them to make more earth friendly choices. In my experience its usually worth the extra money, especially if its something that you don't use up as quickly. 

Since I don't have my own home/apartment I am mostly talking about hygeine and beauty products right now. So here are a few of my favorites and why! I will tell you what they are, why I like them, why they are good for the environment, approximate price range and give you a link to a website where you can purchase each item. However many if not all of these items can be purchased at Target, Health food stores and the like. :) 

Here we Go!

Toms of Maine Natural 24 Hour Odor Protection Deodorant in Fresh Apricot

This deodorant is great. And I was skeptical about natural deodorants thinking that they wouldn't work but this one works for me and smells great. Plus it uses so many great ingredients that are much better for me and the earth and best of all it doesn't have aluminum in it which has been linked to many health problems including breast cancer in women! It also comes in several other wonderful scents and unscented varieties.

Price: ~ $5-7

Purchase Online, here.

Toms of Maine Whitening Toothpaste

This toothpaste is easier on the environment(maybe not the very very easiest but much better than normal toothpaste). It has a nice minty flavor and doesn't leave your mouth full of slimy residue. Seriously I used some of Kyle's normal toothpaste when I forgot mine one day over the break and I had really really rine a lot to get all of the residue out. 

Price: ~$5-6 

Purchase Online, here.

Preserve Toothbrushes

Preserve toothbrushes are amazing things. Basically its a normal toothbrush made out of recycled yogurt cups and new nylon bristles. They cost about the same as a regular toothbrush. The bristles are good for your teeth and dentist approved (I asked mine). The best part about these toothbrushes is that when you are done and buy a new one you can mail back the used one (in the wrapper from the new one) to the company and they will recycle the plastic once again! Postage is paid and everything!! I really really love these toothbrushes! And they come in multiple cute colors :) You can find them in the Lawrence Target and I'm sure other common stores.

Price: ~$3-4 

Purchase Online, here.

Kiss My Face Shampoos and Conditioners

Personally so far I have only tried the "Whenever, Frequent Use" kind, but I'm sure the others are just as amazing. This particular shampoo/conditioner set has the most lovely lime-green tea scent. Its super fresh. It leaves my hair soft and clean (no soapy residue in my scalp). And my bottles lasted me quite a while! So it was worth the cost! The best part is that it is made of all certified organic ingredients, with no animal ingredients and is not tested on animals!!  

Price: ~$5-6 per bottle

Purchase Online, here

Burt's Bees Beeswax Lip balm in Peppermint

This lip balm is a classic. I tried it once and never went back, nothing works on my lips besides this lip balm. It smells great, moisturizes well and isn't too shiny. There really is not downside unless you are concerned about the use of beeswax. Burt's Bees while not organic still uses many "natural" ingredients (almost all) and makes even these tubes recyclable!100% natural.

Price: ~$3-4

Purchase Online, here

I have tried they honey, pomegranate and SPF versions as well but don't like them nearly as much. But that could just be me. :) 

Burt's Bees Lemon Butter Cuticle Cream

This stuff is so awesome. Waxy, yummy smell and moisturizes my often dry and flaking cuticles. It last forever as well. And because this is in a waxy form you can put it on and do things immediately you don't have to wait for a lotion to dry or anything. 100% natural.

Price: ~$5-6 

Purchase Online, here

Burt's Bees Coconut Foot Cream

I could talk about the wonders of coconut all day. I'm obsessed. But this foot cream is ridiculously awesome. It super thick and moisturizing. The best time to use it (I think) is before you go to bed, apply it liberally and then put on thick socks and go to sleep! In the morning you will feel moisturized! :) Lasts forever.98.6% natural.

Price: ~ $9

Purchase Online, here

Final Word: Most all of these product containers can be easily recycled. All can be found at local supermarkets and health food stores. None of the companies test on animals. All are priced reasonably and last for a long time. And they are all companies that strive to put as many organic and natural ingredients in their products as possible keeping the chemicals and aluminum out!

I think that is all for now! The rest of my makeup/hygiene supply is pretty well stocked (since forever) basically a lot of Christmas gifts etc that I don't want to waste so until some more of them are gone this is it for my earth friendly product list. However I think razors will be next because as I was searching the preserve website I noticed that they make razors in addition to toothbrushes!!! ( I hope that they are also carried at Target!) Another goal I have is to try making some products, skin masks, scrubs etc. (but I will write about that later!) :)

If you would like to search for companies that do/or do not test on animals here is the website to use! Its good to know and it has shaped the way I buy my products!

What are your earth friendly product goals? And what are your favorite products?


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