Friday, January 28, 2011

Top 5 Destinations I Want to Travel To!

There are so many places I want to visit in the world, every continent and many many countries and cities but here is the list of my top 5 Travel Destinations Right Now!

1) Alaska 

Alaska is beautiful and contrary to popular belief its not freezing all of the time. Mountains, Ocean, Whale Watching, Aurora Borealis. I want to Kayak in the bays, hike the trails, see the glaciers. Nothing better. Its gorgeous and gives you plenty of outdoors to play in.

2) Australia

Australia looks gorgeous too. I have always wanted to see the great barrier reef and the beautiful outdoor environment you find there. I also think it would be wonderful to see the red earth, kangaroos, Sydney and just hear the accent!

3) British Columbia

Oh Wow! BC is just as gorgeous as Alaska. I want to see the mountains and ocean and spend time outdoors there as well. But I also want to explore Vancouver. It looks like the coolest city. Plus I would like to experience Canada minus the tourism. :)

4) Egypt

Its simple! I want to see the pyramids and cruise down the nile, and maybe ride a camel.. or at least see one. So much history it would be so unbelievable to really see it! 

5) Two-way tie!


I think it would be beautiful to see the rocky sea cliffs! I would want to city and island hop and probably paint. The white and blue buildings are so beautiful. Mediterranean food is not only delicious but incredibly healthful as well! Fish, Wine, Olives, Tomatoes, Cheese YUM! Aside from this being a hot climate I don't see many downsides. :)


Recently I have thought it would be a blast and BEAUTIFUL to go to Hawaii. I want to try deep sea Kayaking and I really want to learn to surf even though the idea is slightly horrifying. I also want to try the food and relax. There is a reason Hawaiians live the longest of all Americans! 

Where are the top 5 destinations you most want to visit?



  1. well if you ever make it to sydney, contact me and i'll shout you a seakayaking freeby!!!really

  2. Thanks so much! It might be a few years until I can make it there, but I definitely won't forget! :)


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