Monday, November 25, 2013


A normal November for me is filled with lots of cold air and gray skies while Coldplay's 'Rush of Blood to the Head' is playing in the background. Dreaming of holiday and family time in the coming weeks. Taking more than my fair share of cranberries at every holiday gathering. It's a magical time of year.

This November has been a little different. Our temperatures have been in flux between too warm for a coat and hovering right at freezing, I've had very little Coldplay playing. I'm making lists for the upcoming holidays because we've been so busy I feel like I'm already behind. I am now in the middle of my second cold for the month. I'll tell you, being a substitute teacher (especially at a preschool) is probably not the best job for someone so prone to getting sick as me. 

But, in this time of being sick and busy, I'm finding myself focusing a lot on gratitude. I'm so grateful to have a job that I have to call in sick to. I'm grateful to have a kitten that eventually stops attacking things in the room and cuddles with me while I rest. Grateful that daytime TV consists of hours of Boy Meets World and cheesy Hallmark Christmas movies. Grateful for instant hot chocolate, real fruit pop sickles, chicken soup and cough drops, which are currently my 4 food groups. Grateful for my wonderful husband who keeps me stocked with my aforementioned foodstuffs, nyquil, humidifier, cuddles, slippers, real food, love and countless other things I need and want. :) 

I am also grateful for what it feels like to be well again and knowing that it should be coming soon. Grateful for the upcoming holidays and the pies I get to make to share with my loved ones. Grateful for family traditions both old and new. And those cranberries... 

So apologies for the lack of posts, but at least some semi-seasonal ones will hopefully be on their way before the month is out.

Hope you are all having a lovely November!


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