Tuesday, December 31, 2013

2013 Goals Revisited.. How'd I Do?

26 Goals for 2013:
1) See an ocean. {no the gulf didn't count}
2) Attempt to make my own Macarons.  Surprisingly successful & easy!
3) Learn to use my sewing machine & make something cool with it.
4) Visit 5 new places.
5) Open my Etsy store.
6) Read at least 25 books, 5 of which must be classics. (15 & 2)
7) Upgrade my blog.-{photo label, new topics, better design & layout, ads for other bloggers etc.}
8) Visit a BIG flea market, the kind where you need a wagon!
9) Start buying all organic butter, organic cage free eggs, organic half and half and creams.
10) Actually make green cleaners and clean with them.
11) Start more "upcycling" crafts.
12) Try 25 family recipes and learn a story about them.
13) Buy and care for 2 house plants. 
14) Set up an emergency savings account. 
15) Clean out everything that is underneath the bed, and then use that space in a more useful storage way.
16) Start using eco-friendly laundry products to take when we do our laundry.-{no, we don't currently have a washer/dryer} :(
17) Learn to arrange flowers.
18) Floss & Use Fluoride Rinse 3 X's per week.-{did you know? Flossing regularly is said to help your immune system enough to add years to your life?!?}
19) Make a cleaning schedule.
20) Move More.-walk 3 x's per week after dinner, do yoga 2x's per week, do other workouts {belly dance, Kristi yamaguchi, just dance on the wii} 1x per week
21) Learn to do my hair-{use my diffuser, try blowing out my hair, other styles besides my typical ponytail}
22) Start sending more mail and giving more gifts just because.
23)Host 12 get-togethers.
24) Drink no more than 3 sodas per week. {Seriously, I drink WAY too much soda}
25) Make a menu-making and grocery shopping schedule to ensure less eating out and better budget meeting.
26) Reach 75,000 blog views.

Even though I didn't check off as many goals as I would like, it was an incredible year! I feel like I got to do so many great things!

Other Accomplishments:

Finished the Divergent book series

Finished the Hunger Games book series
Checked several things off of my 2022 list (Still coming soon!)
Moved to a bigger, nicer apartment
Got a furry friend
Beat my blog view goal by A LOT! (almost 95,000!)
Sat front row at a Celtic Woman concert!
Traveled A Lot (both near and far)!
Saw more concerts than any other year!
Did some seriously successful thrifting on many occasions!
Celebrated second great year of marriage!
Started working on my wardrobe development more.

My goals for 2014!

How did you do on your 2013 goals?

What are you planning for 2014?

Thank you for reading!! 



  1. So fun to see al your goals from the past year! I love lists like that.
    ps- I loved the Hunger Games and Divergent books!
    pps- I did not know that about flossing, gotta get better at that habit! ;)

  2. I think its great to be accountable with myself but also to celebrate the little victories, even the ones that weren't on your list :) They are sooo good! I'm glad you liked them too :) Yes the flossing thing is crazy! I obviously still need to get better at it too :) -Alexandra


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