Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Fall Bucket List 2014

Happy Fall!

I am so excited for cool weather, layers, a vacation and fun with family and friends.

This year I decided to do another Fall Bucket List! Check it out!

1) Read 10 Books (1 being the cat environmental enrichment book I bought)
2) Try a new board game
3) Watch an Alfred Hitchcock movie
4) DIY Halloween costumes for me and KC
5) Watch Hocus Pocus
6) Enjoy Seattle and Victoria (BC)
7) Have cider (donuts, slushes, .... everything!)
8) Go to the speakeasy
9) Play with wardrobe and find lots of cozy layered outfits to post about
10) Watch a 'scary' black and white movie
11) Have a Halloween party
12) Plan a future vacation (you know, in advance.. )
13) Get pumpkins & decorate
14) DIY makeover for our bar cart
15) Cuddle :)
16) Eat chili and cornbread
17) Wear boots as much as possible
18) Try a new Thanksgiving recipe
19) OPEN ETSY SHOP! ADD ITEMS! (maybe all caps will get it done this season.)
20) Go for a walk and enjoy the leaves changing
21) Make a pumpkin dessert
22) Roast a chicken
23) Write down family stories
24) Learn more family stories
25) Try a new cocktail recipe (fall themed one?)
26) Make a schedule for upcoming trips!
27) Finish making cleaning schedules and begin using them
28) Learn how to use dad's DSLR / start practicing
29) Purchase glasses (or at least choose, the ones I finally chose are no longer available... )
30) See a classic movie at Liberty Hall (or the like)
31) Have a pancake or waffle breakfast (pumpkin waffles ...)
32) Wear hats!
33) Make macarons
34) Add to milk glass collection
35) Attend a fall event or party
36) Take a lot of pictures (especially including KC and myself!)
37) Keep to our budget plan
38) Have a girls night
39) Try a new DIY
40) Find 10 new outfit combos
41) Find a few fall couple's traditions
42) Try knitting again!
43) Finish two more pieces that need updated on my blog
44) Finish another piece of our bedroom de-clutter project
45) Hang more things on our walls
46) Work on mug wall display
47) Go to Ikea (eat meatballs)
48) Try a new soup recipe
49) Try again to find the perfect cozy knit slouchy scarf
50) Figure out how to get my music on my phone... (without losing things from my old computer).

What are you planning or hoping to do this fall?

I would love to hear what your favorite part of the season is!

Need more ideas? Check out last year's Fall Bucket List!

Thank you for reading!



  1. Thanks Lauren! I am so excited for this season. :) XO

  2. What a cool idea to make a bucket list for fall! I'm stealing it, if you don't mind. ;-)


  3. Thank you Liesl! Steal away! :) -Alexandra


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