Thursday, September 11, 2014

12 Sweet Pie Recipes for Summertime!

I love pie. Don't you guys love pie?

Our city recently got a diner (a real one!), and they serve... you guessed it!... pie! :) We had dinner there, and the pie (which we got to go) was divine!

Which reminded me, that my Summer Bucket List mentioned making two new pies... I need to get on that! While looking for ideas, I made this list of 12 pie recipes that I found on Pinterest! While great at any time of year, they would be especially fantastic for summer!

1) Apricot Raspberry Galette - Gluten free!
2) Patriotic Pie - While a bit late this year, this pie would be lovely for the 4th!
3) Peach Pie - Peach is my favorite!
4) Strawberry Peach Tart - I have yet to eat or make a strawberry pie! Maybe it's time?
5) Cherry Hand Pies - Cherry is KC's favorite!
6) Blueberry Peach -  or try this one from Becca @ Ladyface - It's gluten free & vegan too!
7) Old Fashioned Banana Cream Pie - This is legit, no pudding involved!
8) Scarlett O'Hara Raspberry Pie - adorable name, may just make me try it!
9) Four Berry Pie -Mmmm...
10) Blackberry Crumb Pie - Crumble topping is hard to resist.... and super low maintenance!
11) Berry Apple Rhubarb Pie - Rhubarb is also a pie flavor I have never eaten or made!
12) Meyer Lemon Chess Pie - I have never had a chess pie.. but this looks delicious!

Is your mouth watering?

Perhaps you are feeling like pie is more effort than you have time for... try this no-fail fruit crisp recipe. My favorite combination so far is raspberry peach! I love how easy it is: put fruit in pan, top fruit with crumble, bake, eat... Top it with ice cream if you are feeling really crazy. And then eat the leftovers for breakfast... ;)

What is your favorite summer pie or dessert?

Pretty darn soon it's going to be time to start thinking about fall!




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  1. Oh, drool! I have tons of apples from the garden, think I'm gonna have to turn them into pie!

  2. Oh to have a garden! :) Hope it turns out well. XO

  3. These look so tasty! The American flag pie is my favourite I think, it's beautiful. Which one's do you think you'll make? I'm definitely in an autumn mood at the moment so I'm planning to bake some pumpkin pies. They don't sell pumpkin puree in the UK and they only sell pumpkins the week of halloween so I'm going to have to try and track down some pumpkin! xx

  4. I think it is pretty too! :) I would love to make it for the 4th of July next year! I bought ingredients for the Scarlet O'Hara Raspberry pie over the weekend, so it looks like that will be one of the two... after that I'm not sure! Good luck with your pumpkin and pumpkin pies! I will be ready for those so soon too! Good luck finding pumpkin... that's too bad! Another blogger friend from London said that it is hard for her to find things to make s'mores or anything s'mores flavored because graham crackers aren't easy to find! I would be lost.. ;) XO

  5. #2 and #8 look DELISH! Fall might be here in Chicago, but I'm welcoming the idea of baking a raspberry pie.

  6. Kansas is bipolar in temperature (what's new?), but I am determined to check things off of my bucket list and I've still got a few more days haha! :) I bought the ingredients for #8 early this week, good choice! hehe I'll post about how it goes... :) XO


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