Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Summer Bucket List Review 2014

As of yesterday evening it is officially fall! Ironically enough the weather is going to be in the 80's all week... 

Since it is the first full day of fall... here you have my summer bucket list review! (and a lot of photos from my summer. :) ) 

I did pretty well! Many of them were too ($) lofty for a summer with a month between jobs and budgeting for a fall trip.. .but it's good to be ambitious. :) And either way we had a very nice summer!

Here you go!

1) Try Russian Food (part of a 2014 goal)
2) Travel (even if that just means in Kansas City)
3) Do lots of Yoga, Dancing etc. 
4) Organize Photos on My Computer (it's a mess...) - Started!
5) Watch Roman Holiday
6) Get some hot curlers
7) Get some plants for inside & on balcony
8) Try Tortas Jaliscos 
9) Organize Pinterest boards into sub groups -   started!
10) Try Caribbean food
11) Open & Put Items in my Etsy store
12) Read! Participate in summer reading program? - missed it.
13) Paint tiny canvasses (Also a 2014 goal) - painted a relatively small mat board... sketched a small canvas that's ready to be painted... 
14) Major organization and cleaning of bedroom & closet - halfway
15) Get furniture onto our balcony, make it a place we want to spend time!
16) Go to the Basil Leaf Cafe
17) Find a red lip color that I like - bought a few, haven't played with them much yet
18) Go to the original Arthur Bryant's in KC
19) Try Alchemy Coffee
20) Shampoo carpets (practically a party animal you guys..)
21) Watch the Best Exotic Marigold Hotel
22) Go to Juice Stop
23) Go bowling
24) Go to free/cheap Buzz concerts - just the one before I made this list
25) Eat at Terrebonne
26) Watch Space Jam with Kyle
27) Get sno cones at Tad's Tropical Sno -Twice!
28) Try Limestone Pizza
29) Enjoy my birthday
30) Try out our complex's pool
31) Go thrifting (a lot) 
32) Try a new board game
33) Make two new pies - got ingredients to make one... 
34) Do something unexpected  -Guardians of the Galaxy
35) Plan trip for the fall - tickets are booked!
36) Make lots of Pimm's Cups! (already making good headway on this... ;) ) 
37) Use that darn sewing machine! (Finally!?) 
38) Go to one bigger flea market in Kansas (KC, Lawrence, Troy...) 
39) Work on Travel Scrapbook
40) Go to the drive in
41) Make & drink Sangria
42) Host a super-fab bachelorette party for my sister
43) Make & Eat S'mores! (as much as possible!)
44) Go to a Sporting KC game, or at least buy tickets for a fall game
45) Go to Westport Food Truck Festival - Missed it. :(
46) Finish Veronica Mars series & movie
47) Upcycle some of my thrifted finds that I have good intentions for.. :) 
48) write at least 15 blog posts! - yep!
49) Have people over (more than 3 people), at least twice (I)
50) Have fun.
Other Accomplishments/Things of Note:

Cooked at home more
Tried several new-to-us restaurants not on the list
Successfully got my sister married & on her honeymoon (and back)!
Went to the Renaissance Festival with my family
Attended three weddings
Had many successful thrifting hauls
Saw a few more classic/cult classic movies from my 2014 Goal list
Drank lots of homemade cold press (YUM)
Learned a lot of family stories from my dad
Borrowed a DSLR from my dad (need to start using it!!)
Caught up on and started watching some new shows on Netflix... :) 
Went to see a crazy (for us) amount of movies out. Could now definitively rank and give all necessary information on every theatre in the KC area.... 

Did you guys set summer goals? How did you do?

Are you making goals for fall? What is on yours?

Fall Bucket List coming soon!



Oh yeah... did you happen to check out my 101 in 1,001 post? Long term goals are fun! :) 

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