Friday, May 8, 2015

The Second Annual Kansas Food Truck Festival // Hometown Happenings

Well, with life slowing down on the career / crazy entrepreneur endeavors front... the first weekend off would be packed full of social plans. It was great, and a little tiring... but so worth it.

See what we did Friday @ Afentra's Prom with VANCE JOY! :) 

Saturday I dropped off my cat-themed bridal shower invitations to my customer, hand addressed and all. She loved them! (hooray!)

Then we headed downtown to meet some friends at the 2nd Annual Kansas Food Truck Festival (Last year's post). This year they capped the number of attendees, doubled the space, and the number of trucks... so we were pretty excited to give KSFTF another go!

KC and I decided to share everything, so that worked out well. We got to try more foods than last year.

Truck #1: We started with some tasty street tacos, they were REALLY good. I liked that they used flour tortillas - corn never makes me feel great. And the cabbage on top was tossed in a coleslaw dressing before it topped the taco. The pork had this really nice chili sauce on it. It was one of the messier things I've ever eaten... .but it was delicious.

Truck #2: Then we moved on to BBQ. Poor BBQ... living in the Midwest means that I am often burnt out on it. But it was pretty good, kind of spicy.

Truck #3: Then we walked over to the Torched Goodness food truck and tried some of their adorable and delicious mini crèmes brûlées. KC and I shared s'mores, Michael tried a toasted coconut, and Elijah tried the traditional vanilla. None of us had actually had crème brûlée before, so it was fun to try!

Truck #4: Later we visited Wilma's Real Good Food, and I tried a meatloaf slider. It sounded a little crazy, but it was actually really good. Very flavorful, a nice small size to share. I think that their truck (or trailer rather) is a lot more artistic looking than some of the others, and it was signed by Mumford and Sons.... not too shabby.

Truck #5: Then we made our way down to The Jeweled Gypsy truck. That's right, a truck for shopping. Danger, danger! Oh my goodness, I bought my mom a mother's day gift, and may have bought myself a few bracelets... : /  To be fair, my wrists are tiny, and these are an adjustable kind that works well for me... plus they are so pretty. And... I bypassed the $108 purse that caught my eye, and the $88 scarf.... So I don't feel too bad about it. :)

Kid Stuff: We saw my parents briefly, they got OE's face painted and gave her a sno flower. :) My dad said the face painting line was by far the longest. haha

Downsides: Sadly, the amazing Artillery Bar from last year, with the gorgeous cocktails wasn't there. I hope they are back next year.

Another great night out, with a lot of standing... whew our feet were quite dead on Monday.. :)

Have you guys ever been to a food truck event? Are there good food trucks in your area?




  1. Lovely post, looks a lot of fun - thanks for sharing! :)

    I have a new post up on my blog, would love to know your thoughts:

    * Electric Sunrise - Fashion and Lifestyle Blog *


  2. First off, those invitations are beautiful! Did you hand draw all of them? The tacos look soooo good. Sometimes the messiest foods are the yummiest :)


  3. That food looks so good and this all looks like so much fun! I want to come!
    Melanie @

  4. Oh my goodness, you are killing me! I don't know too much about Kansas but you make it seem pretty awesome! And I had never had creme brulee before meeting my hubby but it's about the one dessert he knows how to make haha love it!


    Pink Wings

  5. i wish a torched goddess truck would show up at my house ASAP- that looks delicious! also, your invitations are stunning - great work :)

  6. This food looks so good!!!! Ive never been to a food truck festival like this, but I def want to check one out now! :)

  7. Thank you! :) I had addressed them for the sweetest bridesmaid! I agree, messy food is often the best. :) XO -Alexandra

  8. It was really tasty, I love getting to try little bits of everything. Hope you are having fun in NOLA! :) XO -Alexandra

  9. Hhehe we love the city we live in, and being close to Kansas City is really fun too! We get the mix of small funky town and urban close by. You should definitely come check it out someday. :) That's not a bad dessert to be your "one you know" hehe lucky girl! XO

  10. Thank you Jennifer!! I've been having a blast doing hand lettering and invitations. I know, they are just so cute and delicious! :) XO

  11. They were so great. I love getting to sample little bits of so many tasty foods. :) You should definitely look into one, they're such a blast. Thanks for stopping by! XO -Alexandra

  12. That sounds like so much fun...I love trying new foods! I've never been to that fest but I HAVE to go next year, it sounds awesome. Is it in Lawrence or KC?

  13. It was a blast! Great for families and friends. There were so many kiddos there! This one is in Lawrence. I know Topeka is doing one this year. Westport has one in June or July I think! :) #allthefoodtrucks hehe


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