Friday, November 6, 2015

100 Things I Love // My Favorite Things

At some point during the fall, I started making a list of things I just LOVE. Some of them are kind of random, some of them are really specific, but they all have a special place in my heart somewhere. Here you have it, 100 things I love. 
  1. Washi Tape
  2. Beautiful copies of books
  3. the light that streams in from our windows in our apartment
  4. Scalwag's permanent wink
  5. Duchess's snoozy morning temperment
  6. Gilmore Girls
  7. a well told story
  8. period dramas
  9. stationery
  10. a day at a thrift store
  11. baking
  12. the smell of fresh popcorn
  13. 40-65 F degree temperatures
  14. snail mail
  15. grandmas
  16. maps & globes
  17. green grass
  18. blueberry jam on croissants
  19. Coldplay's "Rush of Blood to the Head" album - the soundtrack to my Novembers.
  20. whales
  21. the feeling that you get when a plane takes off
  22. being near the water
  23. iced mochas
  24. hand lettering
  25. pearls
  26. leather leggings
  27. the view from a plane window
  28. road trips
  29. water birds
  30. winter
  31. a good yoga session
  32. golden sandals
  33. fairytales, folktales, & Mythology
  34. a board game night with my favorite people
  35. curly dogs - as in dogs with curly fur
  36. vintage evening bags
  37. mermaids
  38. a good quote
  39. post cards
  40. painting on tiny canvases
  41. that New Year's feeling
  42. lazy days with KC
  43. New Orleans
  44. driving in the car with KC
  45. pretty ballet flats
  46. yellow
  47. glitter
  48. gold
  49. s'mores
  50. cozy, piled high, book shops
  51. short nails, dark polish, glitter top coat
  52. astrology
  53. IKEA
  54. kitten whiskers
  55. KC's hand in mine
  56. lazy weekend breakfasts
  57. rainbow sprinkles
  58. meanings and symbolism of items (flowers, birth stones, etc.)
  59. the scene in Sleeping Beauty where the fairies are baking the cake, cleaning the house, and sewing the dress
  60. a quirky mug
  61. snow blanketed landscapes
  62. made for TV Christmas movies
  63. giving gifts
  64. giddy can't-stop giggle fits with Jess
  65. full days with OE
  66. when my dad says "sing it Al!"
  67. cooking with my mom
  68. red desert earth
  69. stormy skies
  70. wall collages
  71. global music
  72. days where you do nothing but read
  73. snowflakes
  74. ridiculously eclectic Christmas playlists
  75. lilacs
  76. Lord of the Rings, The Hobbit, and the like... 
  77. Clue
  78. a good margarita
  79. seeing classic and cult classic movies at a good movie theater
  80. how satisfying vacuuming is
  81. Midwestern hospitality
  82. The Great Lakes region
  83. oversized stamps
  84. lined envelopes
  85. German Expressionism
  86. visiting China Towns
  87. caricatures 
  88. street art
  89. food trucks, carts, stands
  90. beignets
  91. hot chicken
  92. baking pies
  93. cranberry sauce
  94. the way little girls twirl and dance at ballet performances and concerts, especially during intermission, or after the show.
  95. compass roses
  96. crescent moons
  97. global holiday traditions
  98. spritz cookies
  99. valentines
  100. cider donuts
What are some of your favorite things? Feel free to steal the idea and re-post. :)



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